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Wireless Free Tablet—Fill out the application online & get it

Today’s technology and communication are the most important aspects of our lives. Without these, you cannot develop your work. Technology and communication have become indispensable aspects of our lives in recent years, particularly in the aftermath of the epidemic. Even the most vital aspects of life such as education and employment it is adopted as an online code of behavior.

However, everyone can not afford such expensive ways of communication as mobile phones, tablets, computers, and other many devices.

There provide Qlink Wireless free tablet services to the low-income folks who cannot buy this. You can obtain the most advanced telecommunication functions with this tablet. And you can even find many other programs where people can get government-free tablets with an online application form.

And this US-based firm is one of the fastest-growing digital firms. And they provide lots of communication services such as data, unlimited calling, and texting among others. This free tablet helps you for developing your education.

How to get a free Qlink Wireless Tablet

If you are a member of Lifeline or the emergency broadband benefit program you must get a free Qlink wifi tablet.

Because Qlink wireless provides both lifeline and ebb services.

As a lifeline client, you get free from link wireless: Lifeline is a federal government aid program that provides free vital communication services to low-income homes or individuals and includes free tablets if you are lucky you can get them. But it is for that person who cannot buy tablets. They belong to very low-income families and they have needs.

As an ebb client you can get a free link wifi tablet: As an ebb client, you must apply and wait for approval to receive a free link wifi tablet.

You can place an order and you must pay $10.01 within 30 days after being accepted. And after that, you can wait for the link wifi free tablet to arrive in 6 to 8 weeks.

How can I qualify for a free Qlink Wifi Tablet?

If you want a free qlink wifi tablet there are some criteria and eligibility for getting ting a tablet. But in certain states, eligibility is not consistent. As a result, before you apply for a free Qlink Wireless tablet first you can double-check your state’s eligibility requirements. Some eligibility conditions are universal and different throughout all states. Regardless of your state, there are several methods to qualify for Qlink Wireless.

  • Member of the emergency broadband benefit.
  • If your income is less than 135 percent of your federal poverty level.
  • Recipient of any type of federal assistance. Medicaid, food stamps, low-income home energy assistance, temporary help for needy families, federal public housing assistance program national school assistance program, veterans and survivors pension benefit, and others are examples of these programs.
  • Recipient of a federal Pell grant for the current academic year.
  • If you have been losing a significant amount of money since February 2020.
  • If you are unemployed,
  • Finally, you are only eligible if you are 18 years old or older.

And their eligibility which is required to get a Free qlink wifi tablet.

What documents are required for the free Qlink Wifi Tablet?

Many documents are required for the free Qlink Wifi Tablet; some of them are given below:

  • An official document or birth certificate that proves you are above 18 years.
  • An official document that proves your participation in the federal aid program.
  • An official document that shows the loss of your significant income.
  • An identity card like state or national identification, driving license, passport, or any other kind of identification.
  • An official document that helps you to prove that your income is equal to or less than the government guideline of 135 percent. For example, a pay stub or a tribal state, or federal tax return.

How can I apply for a free Qlink Wifi Tablet?

New and existing users can apply for a free QLink Wifi Tablet, by visiting the official website or by contacting the customer service department. Along with it, Emergency Broadband Benefits are also included in this. But the most important thing is how to fill Qlink wireless free tablet application form online.

According to Qlink Website, the customers have to pay a $10.01 co-pay for getting the free tablet. However, Qlink Wireless users can receive a $10.01 discount credit, so that their tablet will be completely free.

Wireless Plans from Qlink

Those customers who subscribe to Qlink’s basic lifeline plan can get unlimited texts, data, and phone minutes without any cost. Every month, this Qlink Wireless Always On Plan gives free smartphone service, that includes:

  • 3 Gigabytes of internet data
  • Texting is unlimited
  • 1,000 minutes of discussion time

What is the purpose of the lifeline program?

This program is a federal government benefit program that offers critical communication services that are generally free or at a reduced fee, for those people who have low income and households.

In the 1980s, the Federal Communications Commission launched a lifeline for those people whose income is low so that they can get the subsidized or free landline phone service. In 2005, Lifeline added wireless phone services so that it will be confirmed that those people whose income is low, can access basic wireless services.

Qlink Wireless is the quickest growing Lifeline provider that provides services to qualified persons all over the United States of America. Though, in every state, the eligibility is different for getting a free government smartphone.

What are the advantages of a Qlink lifeline and EBB program if I qualify?

If someone is qualify for the Qlink lifeline and EBB program then they will get lots of advantages, including:

  • SIM card for free.
  • Messages in pictures are unlimited.
  • Cell phone service is available for free or at a reduced rate.
  • The opportunity to maintain your phone number- a new tablet.
  • Call, message, and data for unlimited.
  • There are no commitments, monthly payments, or fees.
  • Activation is completely free.

The models Qlink Wireless is giving away a free tablet

Qlink Wireless provides free tablets to their qualifying consumers, however, these tablets are not completely free, but you save lots of amounts. During the application process, you must pay a 10.01 co-pay. The tablets provided by Qlink Wireless have various features like Webcam, Wi-fi connectivity, and a microphone.

Those customers who are qualified will get one of the following tablet models that are given below:

  1. Samsung Galaxy Tab S7
  2. Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 2 8″ Ruggedized Tablet, Black
  3. 2020 Apple iPad – Space Gray (8th generation)
  4. Apple 12.9- inch iPad Pro 2021- Space Gray
  5. New Microsoft Surface Go 2 – Platinum (Latest Model)
  6. LG G Pad 5 -4GB LTE Unlocked Tablet
  7. Lenovo Tab M10 Plus Tablet
  8. Fire HD 10 Tablet + Amazon Standing Case (Sandstone White)

Frequently Asked Questions

Some most asked questions are given here along with their answers.

How do I get my free tablet with Qlink?

How do I get my free tablet with Qlink

If people want to get a free tablet with Qlink then they have to co-pay for $10.01. However, according to the Qlink website, Qlink Wireless users can receive a $10.01 discount that makes their tablet complete free of cost.

How long does it take to receive a Qlink free tablet?

How long does it take to receive a Qlink free tablet

During 6-8 weeks one can get the free tablet.

Does the Qlink tablet have unlimited data?

Does the Qlink tablet have unlimited data

Yes, Qlink Wireless provides unlimited data monthly for free under the EBB or Lifeline program.

Does the Qlink tablet have a hotspot?

Does the Qlink tablet have a hotspot

It depends on the Qlink tablet’s version. However, presently it does not offer a hotspot with its services.

Can I replace a Qlink-free tablet?

Can I replace a Qlink-free tablet

Qlink does not provide any replacement feature on its official website. But one can presume that replacement rules for cheap EBB tablets are close to or replacement requirements of the mobile devices.

Does Qlink Wireless provide smartphones?

Does Qlink Wireless provide smartphones

If someone is qualified then they can get free cellphones through the lifeline program.



So, if someone need the free tablet then they can apply for it with Qlink Wireless. But it is make sure that they fill the application for it on time and submit the application with proper information and documents. However, they will not eligible for only free tablet, but can also get free internet and wifi connection.

Free Laptop from the government- How to apply & get one?

How to get Free Laptop from the government – In today’s time, everything is happening online which means one can do any work online and from their home. But for this, they need a laptop, computer, or tablet with an internet connection so that they can connect with the world and can do their work from anywhere.

As the laptop or computer is necessary for doing any kind of work online, it is also true that it is not affordable for everyone. One has to face lots of problems regarding the lack of the device. IT is because their income is low and they cannot afford to buy this.

But the government and other organizations understand the importance of the laptop and also know how much it is useful for students for their education. That’s why those government and non-profit organizations come forward to help those students and other low-income individuals and provide them with free laptops or computers.

Here are lots of ways are given that can help a person to apply for a free laptop. Even some eligibility requirements are also given that are basic and required by every organization or program. So, read continue and get information about them.

Top 25 ways to get a free laptop from the government

When a person needs a free laptop then they look for different places, however, it is not easy to find a place where you can apply for a free laptop. But yes, filling out an application form for a free laptop is much easier than other things. You can look for places with getgovtgrants.com and find lots of assistance programs that can help you.

To qualify for the free laptop program, you must need to fulfill the criteria. One of them is the applicant must be a resident of the United States of America. Read further and know about the criteria as well as places from where you can get help.

Check your eligibility to get the free laptop from the local authorities and Government for Students and Low-income families

Before applying for any government grant one needs to look for the eligibility requirements. For example, if you apply for such government grants like:

If you want to apply for these types of grants or other grants then first you have to check their eligibility requirements. Some basic eligibility requirements are given below:

  • The applicant must have their valid id proof.
  • The applicant must be a US citizen.
  • The applicant must have valid address proof.
  • The most important thing the applicant must have is to show their income proof by their tax slip, salary proof, or any other income-related proof.

When you fill out and submit the application the authorities check for the details that you fill in the form. And if they found that you are eligible then they will send you a laptop or a PC for free that is mentioned in the application. Everyone knows that a laptop is too much helpful for a person, that’s why it comes in very handy for everyone for doing different works. Even though the laptop is too much helpful that’s why most people work from home.

Below, you can see that various government and other ways are available that can help you to get a free laptop or a PC. These are:


This is the one program that is currently working in more than 45 states of the US. They provide user-friendly ways to get a free laptop, PC, or tablet. If your income is less than $35,000 then you can apply for a free laptop with Everyoneon.

However, they also refurbish the old laptops and PCs and then provide them to other people who need them.

The FreeCycle Network

Freecycle is the program that offers an online portal to apply for assistance and then you can get a free laptop, personal computer, or another same device from the government grants. They work as a non-profit and offer recycled things to others. As they recycle various things so that needy people can use them.

You can visit their website Freecycle.org and fill out the application form for a free laptop. They will send you a refurbished and recycled laptop. You can check for Freecycle Network and their services as well. You can find all information on their website.

With Causes

With Causes is one more organization that provides free laptops and PCs to applicants. But they also provide refurbished and recycled devices.

Visit Smartriverside

Smartriverside is working with government support. It provides the best schemes so you can apply for them easily, as it offers free laptops, PC, and tablets. They are working in almost every state of the US and provide their services by working with non-government and non-profit organizations.

But you have to make sure that you check the eligibility criteria before applying for the program. You can fill out the application from their online portal and receive a free device from them if you are eligible.

Microsoft Refurbishers

Microsoft offers lots of donations and they all are well-known. They participate in all such programs and schemes that help others who are needy. They provide refurbished computers and laptops to low-income students and individuals.

The On It Foundation

If someone comes from a low-income group in Florida then they are eligible to have a free laptop from the On It Foundation as this is Florida-based. They are working with businesses, educational institutions, local computer centers, and others for a technological boost in the local area. To know more about the On It Foundation you can click here.

Computer Technology Assistance Corps

This is the organization that is also known as CTAC. This works with the collaboration of Microsoft and the government. Its motto is to provide financial assistance to people who need free laptops and tablets. One can visit the CTAC  website to know about them.

PCs for People

This one is commonly known as PCP. This is a non-profit organization that distributes and offers people to get a free laptops. Even though they are strict but support a good cause. You can check their eligibility criteria and apply for a free laptop. If your income bracket is low or has someone in your family with a disability then you are eligible for a free laptop from them.

However, if you are a social worker or work for an organization in the social welfare sector then you are eligible and fill out the application form.


This is the program that connects deserving individuals and families and provides them free desktops and laptops if they are from the Seattle region. They have laptops and computers of high and well-known brands on their online store. Those brands include Dell, Lenovo, Apple, HP, Toshiba, and others. They provide the laptop for people at a very low price and also sometimes for free of cost.

World Computer Exchange

World computer exchange is a great program that offers free laptops and computers. They are working with libraries, local schools, and educational institutes, and also support needy and low-income group individuals. They provide them with free refurbished laptops that are eligible.


Cfy.org is the one that aims to empower the people and help them with their education by providing free computers and laptops. They provide refurbished computers to needy students. Along with this, they offer free deals on broadband and the internet. As this is a national organization it offers help to every needy person.


This is the online portal that works for helping students who are from the 5th standard to a graduate degree. For eligible for their free laptop program, one has to do community services for a minimum of ten hours. One has to fulfill the criteria and if have financial problems then can visit their official website.

Computers for Learning

This is the organization that collects used computers from the federal government. They refurbish the laptops and then distribute them to students. For those units, where only a few components are found useful, they send them to the organization that supports humankind, who are determined to create a better world. You can visit their official site to know more about them.

Laptop loans from Accelerated Schools Program

The accelerated School Program provides options for applicants to get free laptops under those different programs that are run by the government. When you will borrow a computer/laptop from them then you will have to deposit $100 USD, and when you will return the laptop then you will receive your $100 back.

Under this program, those people whose income is low and they cannot afford a laptop, are getting help to buy a laptop/computer. With the help of this program, they can get help to get a better education.


Goodwill is the one that offers used and refurbished laptops and computers to needy people at the lowest and most affordable prices.

Get a free laptop from Craigslist?

Craigslist is an American classified advertisements website. You can search for some free stuff with this as well including laptop, computer, and other things. Sometimes you find deals that are nothing which means you can buy a product at very low prices. However, some people offer freebies as well to help needy people.

Salvation Army

Salvation Army is a non-profit organization that is working for enriching and empower people. They are committed to offering help to needy people and low-income families and individuals. Whether it is a laptop, computer, food, clothes, or any other things they always serve them. So, you can connect with them to get help from them. You can share your story and required documents and then their team will help you for sure.

Try United Way

United Way is a non-profit organization that is known by all. This organization helps people in every possible way and is committed to helping people. One can visit Unitedway.org and can apply for the assistance that they need. One can apply for a free laptop as well with them. One of their application is by 2-1-1 name.

St. Vincent De Paul

St. Vincent De Paul is a well-known organization that helps people in every aspect and any situation. This organization provides help whether they come from any background. They offer them food, clothes, electronic items, and other things that they need. In this way, they try to bring light and joy in every possible and help people. You can visit their official website and look for the assistance and apply that you need.

The Open Education Database

This organization is working specially for students and provides them with free laptops. The laptops that are provided by them are not just free but it is a kind of assistance. However, the fees will be added to college fees.

Free laptop for college students

For students, the laptop is essential for their studies. It is because in America students have to give presentations and assignments by laptop, as e-learning is the new trend now. But it’s also true that every student cannot afford the laptop themselves. That’s why government and some other organizations come forward to help the students by providing them with free laptops. They run various programs and have lots of schemes and policies that support students.

NoteBook for College Students

This is a great and beautiful initiative that is run by the professors of Los Angeles. They aim to help the students and enhance their skills so that they can achieve their goals. That’s why they provide free laptops and computers to students. They are working with refurbishing computer centers. One can contact them by visiting their website.

Technology for the Future

This is a non-profit based out of northern California. However, this organization offers tech solutions to people whether they are from USA or Canada. Its motto is to help students who need a laptop for their education. So that they don’t face problems in their study. Although, free laptops and computers they provide to those students who are deserving and need them for their education.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions and answers are given below that can help you.

Can government organizations offer help with the free laptop?

Yes, you will get help from different government organizations. You can see that various government organizations offer help to people and students who need free laptops, computers, and tablets. They offer refurbished and recycled laptops to students for free.

From where one can get help with the free laptop?

There are lots of government and non-profit organizations available that are ready to help people by providing them assistance. They offer help to needy people and low-income individuals with food, clothes, furniture, and laptops as well. They provide help to only those people who are needy.


Now, you see that there is numerous organization that is government, non-government, and non-profit. One can apply to any of the organizations for a free laptop and get it from them. But before applying for the free laptop one needs to check their requirements as well as their eligibility criteria. So that if you meet them then you can apply for a free laptop and get it soon.