i need a place to stay i have no money


I need a place to stay but I have no money – Everyone wants that they live a better life with peace i need a place to stay asap, but for everyone, it is not possible. i need a place to stay i have no money near me many people face problems in their life because of money or because they have no money. Even many people are present in the society, who don’t have money to stay at any place and they spend their nights in the streets and on the roads, which is too much unsafe.But in this article, you will get all the ways that can help you to make money, so that you can get help to earn food and fulfill your basic requirements. You will find many ways that will help you to get free food and many other things. So, you can read and continue and get help to fulfill your requirements in various ways and without any problem. Not only this, but you will also see how you can get everything for free.

How to meet with day to day requirements when i need a place to stay i have no money

One of the most basic need and requirement of everyone is to find out a perfect Shelter and the perfect place of shelter that help you to escape from all the disturbing elements.There are a large number of ways available in the market to meet that need without spending i have nowhere to go and no money on rent or other utilities.

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You can Seek Shelter in a Community Sharing house

Eco-village is one of the examples that help people to seek shelters in commenting sharing houses to live in. Here are the communities that usually offer substantial living to the people. They provide various ways of surviving, where you have an option to choose but most people choose to go without using any money.

Therefore, this is the primary method that is used to get shelter and meet day-to-day needs. i feel like i have nowhere to go here, you will find that hundreds of these types of villages are scattered across the globe. Every person is depending on each other, the mother nature includes one more thing which is the surrounding environment to complete their needs.

You can offer to work for getting an accessible lodge

This is a place where you can seek out work in exchange for free lodging. This is the primary example that fits your need to find a suitable place to stay including how can you live without having any money but by doing some work in exchange you can get that. Worldwide many places offer these types of accommodations just in exchange for the work that people do for them.

You can head out into the Wild

To get rid of the society for some time camping is the best way. When the weather is perfect, camping out underneath all the stars is considered the best way to relax as we can crash for the night. To get closer to mother nature and to get away from a society that is only controlled by money camping is surely good.

You can build an Earth ship or go Couch surfing for yourself

You may not be familiar with or even heard of the word Earth ship. Earth ship is a new term and that means a way to build something in which you can be able to live without making any monthly payments.

Not making any monthly payments is a great way to get a good shelter and this will help you in finding out a large number of ways that you can use clean water and get solar energy. You can build all kinds of supplies that can range from the collection of beer bottles and cans to a collection of car tires and even the earth.

However, the collection of supplies requires some money upfront. Couch surfing is another way of finding good lodging while you can meet some incredibly hospitable people in this process.

There are a large number of people available in the world who will provide you with a spare couch, or will also provide you with a spare bedroom for a certain period. Therefore, this method is good for getting things without making any monthly payments.

Many people will provide you with a meal and the traveling information that you may need whenever you want by simply visiting their place. This method may prove to be a stretching period for people and take them away from their comfort zones.

You can even barter all your things for everything 

In our surroundings, there are a large number of people present who want to live in a society but don’t want to use the money for this. So, they are relying on the barter system. To fulfill their day-to-day necessities these people rely on the bartering system. The barter system includes food supplies, modes of transportation, and many other things of necessities as per their own choices. If you are also one of them who need a place to live or stay but have no money with you then must go through this post till the end.

Therefore, this is one of the best ways to ensure that nothing is wasted on our earth and that people can afford what they need even without money.

This is just an awesome way in today’s time that you can use to save money. For example, you can also barter the internet services with your neighbors for free at home.

Here you can also do all of your travelings for Free

Hitchhiking is one of the free public transportation platforms. Here you can do all your traveling for free. Worldwide most people thought that hitchhiking is wrong, but this is one of the best methods to reach anywhere for free.

Most importantly, you should keep in mind that your appearance matters the most here, and this platform will tell you how quickly you will get to be picked. Besides this, there are around 100 cities worldwide that will offer you free public transportation to travel where you need to go.

You can repair all the things for free

You can repair all types of things for free instead of throwing them away when they get torn or broken if you want to save money you should always make it a habit to find the best possible way to fix it and then you can reuse them. You should always try to find new ways to repair them for free instead of getting new things. You can search the ways of repairing on the internet, especially on YouTube as it consists of a large variety of videos depending on the stuff. You may also find out the required tools and the supplies to fix them for money saving.

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[sc_fs_faq html=”true” headline=”h2″ img=”295″ question=”How one can make money to have food?” img_alt=”How one can make money to have food” css_class=””] You see that one can do various small tasks to earn money like wash cars, or can do various handyman tasks. Along with this, one can make money by repairing some things, selling old things (if you have them), and in various ways, you can make money and have food. However, it is also possible that you will get free food when you do some work. [/sc_fs_faq]

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If you need a place to live but did not have enough money then you don’t need to worry about anything. Hopefully, you get all information on how you can handle the situation when you have no money. You will get help for having food, clothes, and for other basic things. You can do various tasks in your daily life to earn some money and live your life with a little bit of peace. also get more information about Assistance program please visit https://leadforcareer.com/

However, if you have skills then you can use some social accounts and share some amazing videos and posts so that your followers will increase and you can earn money from them.