free laptop for college students from government


Free laptop for college students from government – Free Laptop for low income and needy students can be helpful in many ways. needy students can continue their study, they can apply for job applications and more, but the question is Can i get a free laptop for college students? Yes! You heard it right. Now, you can get free laptops for college students. It doesn’t matter if you are a kid, school student, or college student you are now eligible for free laptops or you can say free computers. If you are thinking and hoping to re-join your class or want to return to class then here is a chance to get free laptops for college students.

As we know, laptop costs can be high, and here is an unexpected proposal for understudied students who cannot manage the price of PCs. Here, there are a variety of online universities that offer you to get free laptops for college students to help them in their understudies take courses. Even some universities significantly provide the new green beans that took on a four years program.

Free computers for students’ programs help many low-income and needy students to make their careers bright and to get all the great opportunities that they deserve. As I already mentioned above, not only do college students get free computers but also kids and school students can get free computers for low-income families. So, let’s get started on how to get a free computer.

Where to Get free laptop for college students from government

There are numerous ways to get free laptops…if you qualify. Most organizations that give out free laptops require you to go through an application process that is usually income dependent.

Here are seven places to look for free laptops.

1. Computers with Causes

Computers with Causes is an organization that gives out free computers to those in need.

It’s a win-win for businesses and individuals who donate, too, as their donations of computers, tablets, laptops, and other equipment are tax-deductible.

To apply for a free computer, you’ll need to fill out the online form.

They state that their main goal is “to provide a refurbished computer gifted by our generous donors toward an educational, future learning program, foster home, or disabled veteran in need.”

Not everyone who asks for a computer will receive one, as they receive thousands of requests each year. Computers with Causes does a strict need assessment and background and reference check to weed out false requests.

It can take weeks for them to get back to you, so you’ll need to be patient. Still, your patience can pay off with a free laptop if you are truly in need.

All applications are valid for 30 days, so if you do not hear from them within that time frame, you can apply again.

Computers with Causes is part of the With Causes charitable network. This network has a mission to provide simple and effective assistance with long-term effects.

They provide music education, assist those with disabilities, repair and gift vehicles, financially assist non-profits, support homeless families, and help battered women and kids.

3. The on It Foundation

The On It Foundation (ONIT) is another organization that gives out free laptops to those in need. ONIT stands for Opportunities Necessary to Increase Technology.

Their goal is to provide low-income families with students a free refurbished computer and at least 20 hours of computer training with ongoing support and service offerings. To date, they’ve donated over 2000 free computers.

Homes with at least one child receiving free or reduced lunches in a public school will receive a free computer. Free computers are based on availability; if computers are not available, they’ll place your name on a waiting list.

To apply, a parent/guardian for the student must write to The on It Foundation to request a free computer.

The letter must include the following information:
  • Student name, age, grade, school name, school address, school phone information
  • Parent/guardian name, address, phone number
  • Signed by the parent/guardian
  • Proof from the school on its letterhead that the student qualifies for free or reduced school lunch

Information on where to mail the letter can be found here.

They also have information on their website about providing free or discounted laptops to students in military families as well as to children with disabilities.

3. PCs for People

PCs for People is an organization that refurbishes desktop and laptop computers for distribution to eligible recipients. It’s also a Microsoft Registered Refurbished, and all of its computers come with a 90-day hardware warranty.

To be eligible to receive a free or discounted computer, you’ll need to have an income below the 200% poverty level and/or be currently enrolled in an income-based government assistance program (Head Start, Medicaid/Medical Assistance, free or reduced lunch, etc.).

You don’t need to apply in advance; just bring in your photo ID and an eligibility proof document dated within the last six months.

Store locations are in Colorado, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, and Ohio. Computers in stores are available with a range in cost of $0 – $150.

You can also purchase computers online and upload proof of eligibility with your order. There’s free shipping, too!

Eligible customers can also receive discounted high-speed internet service through PCs for People.

4. Alliance for Technology Refurbishing and Reuse

The mission of the Alliance for Technology Refurbishing & Reuse (AFTRR) is to support the non-profit refurbishing and reuse community to provide low-cost or free technology to those in need.

Their website has an interactive map in which you can put in your city, state, or zip code and learn about the non-profit refurbishes and recycles in your area. There are over 80 listings across the U.S. and Canada. (I found five in my area!)

These organizations won’t always give free laptops away, but they may have deeply discounted laptops available for purchase.

This organization is sponsored by National Cristina Foundation, a private operating foundation working to advance digital inclusion by building awareness about the value of technology reuse.

5. Online College or University

Are you planning to further your education? There are many online colleges and universities that offer free laptops and other devices to their students.

Note that the cost of these devices is usually covered by your student fees, so it’s not really free. But if you were planning to attend an online college or university anyway, it’s a nice bonus.

Also, note that some programs require you to return the device once you graduate or are no longer enrolled.

6. Free cycle

Free cycle is a grassroots and non-profit movement of people who give and receive stuff for free in their own towns and neighborhoods. The goal is to keep stuff out of landfills and build community.

You’ll need to find a group near you to join, then you can either just cross your fingers and wait for someone to offer up a free laptop, or you can simply ask for one if you’re so bold.

7. Craigslist

Craigslist is a well-known marketplace for selling items, but did you know that people give away items on Craigslist, too? There’s a “free” section available on every Craigslist site. (Look under the “For Sale” section.)

I’m used to seeing large furniture, carpet remnants, and the like in the free section, but on a whim, I typed in “laptop” and actually found someone giving away a free laptop in my region!

I also searched for “computer” and found several listings for free computer monitors and speakers.

Now, there’s a chance that any free laptops you pick up through Craigslist may need some work or replacement parts, but if you’re tech-savvy or have a buddy who knows computers you may be able to nab a great deal.

8. Earn Free Gift Cards

This method takes some work on your end, but you can earn free gift cards by performing various activities online. Then redeem those gift cards for the free laptop of your choosing!

You’ll want to read the full post for more information, but here’s a preview of the activities you can do:

  • Shop and Earn with Swag bucks
  • Search and explore with Microsoft Rewards
  • Read Emails and Complete Offers with Inbox Dollars
  • Scan Your Grocery Receipts
  • and more!

Where to Get Discounted free laptop for college students from government

If you don’t qualify for the above programs or can’t seem to find someone near you who wants to give a free laptop away, don’t fret! There are lots of ways to get discounted laptops…at a deep discount, too!

1. Computers for Kids

Computers for Kids is a Registered Microsoft Refurbished that serves students in Idaho, Oregon, Utah, and Washington.

They offer free or discounted desktops or laptops for children in K-12 as well as a year of free tech support, Windows 10 Pro, and Microsoft Office 2010.

This organization’s intent is to equalize the educational opportunities that children have by providing them with home computers.

Every student is eligible to receive a discounted computer with this program; it is not income-based. However, only families who receive government assistance can get the computer completely free.

Children will need to fill out an application including a one-page essay describing why they want a computer and what educational use it will serve.

A desktop computer is priced at $65, and a laptop computer is $130. Families who receive government assistance can receive a scholarship of up to $65 by including verification along with their application.

2. Everyone On

Everyone On has a mission to create social and economic opportunities by connecting low-income families to affordable internet service and computers.

They partner with a network of 650+ organizations to serve under-resourced people across the country. They’ve connected more than 784,000 people to date!

Use their offer locator tool to find out about opportunities near you. You just need to enter your zip code and answer a few questions about your household. They’ll show you internet offers and device offers available to you in your area.

3. Notebooks for Students

Notebooks for Students is a non-profit organization that offers student discount laptops to students attending primary, high school, college, home-school, and online.

Besides providing affordable, dependable, and powerful laptops, they also work to decrease costs by offering free service shipping and a free 4-year warranty.

Their goal is to simply break even after each school year; they do not generate profit at the student’s expense.

There is no income requirement; computers purchased must just be used by students. Faculty and staff may also purchase laptops for themselves.

4. World Computer Exchange

World Computer Exchange (WCE) accepts donations of computers and technology items and then sells them at a low price to organizations in developing countries.

If your organization is in a developing country, just fill out the online form to request your computers. You’ll need to share your plan for using the computers as well as your overall budget.

They request a non-refundable down payment as well as covering shipping costs, in addition to the cost of the computers. They try to ship large quantities to reduce overall shipping costs.

You may be able to partner with another organization to meet the quota.

5. Jump on It! Program

Remember The on It Foundation mentioned above? If you don’t qualify for a free laptop from them, you may be able to get one from the Jump On It! Program.

This is a guaranteed computer layaway program that is affordable for all. High-quality Microsoft Refurbished computers start at $199, and you can start a layaway plan with as little as $15 per week.

To purchase low-cost computers, you must meet certain low-income criteria and/or receive Medicaid, SSI, TANF, GA-U, DSHS support, or free/reduced school lunch.

There are additional discounts for non-profit or government entities, military, senior citizens, and college students.

Laptops, desktops, and notebooks are covered by a 30-day warranty.

3 Ways to get Free Laptops For College Students?

As we know, for an understudy student having solid figuring gadgets for all the examination years to get the addresses and for other things is important. And here, there are some ways to get free laptops for college students. So, let’s know the ways that define how to get free laptops for college students?

  • Scholarships

Scholarships are a great way to get free laptops. To get free laptops you should apply for educational scholarships. While grants are typically used for tuition, some allow students to cover the supplies, including free laptops. Here are some examples of scholarship learning partners that is Microsoft that offered to help students to get free laptops and various other technology-related gadgets through an organization.

Also, there are other options to get free laptops for college students. Such as young children who buy laptops for high school and college students ages under 17 to 22 as long as they are enrolled in school or foster care and have a social worker, attorney, or another court-authorized adult.

  • Craigslist

Craigslist is another way to get free laptops for college students. Just check out the advertisements in the newspapers daily. You can also refer to the internet for free laptop offers or shops. Find through the classifieds in a paper or on sites like craigslist can support and help you to find free laptops for college students.

Some people have old notebooks that they do not need now and are willing to give away but if you don’t want to give away your notebooks you may be interested in a transaction. Just email or call the individual and watch if he or she is interested in negotiating for something that’s no longer a necessary thing for someone. Keep a look at lists that are published around your campus or college, as other pupils are likely finding ways to get funds to buy a laptop too.

  • Contests.

Yes, contests allow the students to compete for free computers. To get free computers or free laptops, join contests. It’s simple to find on the internet for competitions in which notebooks are provided as a prize. Some contests may request your name, email to enter a drawing, or maybe others request an essay, creative thought, and creation for consideration. Importantly, it doesn’t mean that the prize is only the laptop, it can be a cash prize that you can use to get a free laptop for your studies. By way of immediate, Burger King awards particular cash awards from high school students through the scholarship program since they’ve 2.5GPAs or higher and intend to go to vocational school and college.

School grants for Free Laptops

Here there are some school grants for free computers for low-income families. look for someone from your school’s financial aid office if they know of any free computer offers. Do check in your school and college. Maybe they provide free laptops. Some universities such as Stevens-hanger and Wake Forest provide free laptops that students can rent for free throughout the whole semester.

Go to your school’s office of financial aid and determine if a counselor will give you the ideal direction. Even k-12 students may ask their school office whenever they have free laptops options or if the faculty can help them get a free computer. Now, the question has arisen that how to apply for school grants for laptops? So, here I have mentioned some tips you must follow at the time of applying for school grants for free laptops.

Tips to apply for school grants for laptops.

  • Firstly, the important thing is to ensure that the competition in which you are going to apply is valid or not before giving your details to them. You can simply check the validation of any competition by checking if the supplier has a privacy policy, rules for the competition, and is backed by a real company. Additionally, you must check if the competition is available from the company’s website or not.
  • Be careful at the time of calling overseas classifieds. For those who come under 18, ask your parents before contacting anyone you don’t know online.

Scholarships And Grants For Free Laptops For Students

There are some organizations, Universities which help students to get a free laptop Through Scholarships, we are listing some scholarships which help students to get a free laptop

Chickasaw Nation Higher Education

The Chickasaw Nation delivers ready-to-operate mobile computer systems to qualified students through its scholarship program. As of 2010, the notebook offered to qualified students featured a 250-gigabyte hard disk, Windows Vista operating system, 8x speed DVD / RW drive, built-in wireless card and 2 megabytes of RAM. However, students must be registered in the Chickasaw Nation and will attend college full time. Selected students can only get the award for a notebook during their college careers. The Chickasaw Nation also has several other scholarship programs that could cover everything from school textbooks and tuition to new garments.

Michigan Council of Women in Technology Foundation (MCWTF)

The Council of Women at Michigan Technology Foundation provides a wearable scholarship program for qualified women. Applicants must be legal Michigan residents with at least a 2.8 GPA. Women can be college-bound or current graduate or undergraduate students. The council awards three scholarships annually to pay each student’s expenses for a notebook, printer and necessary applications. Students must also be pursuing degrees in engineering fields like information systems, graphic design, computer science, or software engineering. The application package should include a letter of recommendation, in addition to a statement or summary of related professional experience.

Computing Initiative Carolina

The Carolina Computing Initiative is Just One of the affiliate programs of the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill campus. New UNC students who demonstrate financial need may be automatically qualified for a portable college scholarship. Applicants must fill out a FAFSA form in Addition to the College Board CSS profile. Students who have previously attended UNC or earned a bachelor’s degree are not eligible.

Cash isn’t awarded; Selected students have two purchase options. They can select the laptop standard available to grant recipients at the moment, which also includes four years of insurance policy and a safety lock. Students wishing to buy more expensive laptops may have their concession apply to the cost of such computer systems, but must pay the remaining bill with standard payment options such as cash or credit cards. Some students may receive partial scholarships for a laptop.

Universities That Offer Free Laptops Online

Fortunately, to help ease the cost of purchasing a computer, online colleges offering laptops and financial aid are becoming more prevalent. Many online colleges provide new students the chance for a low-cost or free laptop. But, as mentioned above, there may be sure caveats involved. This listing of schools with laptop programs is a great place to start your planning. Below are the Top 10 Online Universities Offering Free Laptops, Which Students Can Keep After Graduation

University of Rochester Free Laptops

Rochester College provides a free Apple MacBook or iPad to all full time undergraduate students. Students moving to Rochester with 29 credits or less may also receive a free MacBook or iPad. Rochester was recently voted 59th from the Midwest regional universities by US News & World Report. Graduates earn a net return on investment of 20 years, averaging $ 59,800.

Full Sail University Free Laptops 

Full Sail University has partnered with Apple to supply students with the hottest MacBook Pro laptop and the software they want to attain their desired level. The only programs which use an HP laptop rather than a MacBook Pro are game development, software development, and visualization and simulation.

College America Free Laptops

At College America, new Students receive a brand new laptop to use in college and continue after graduation. If you’re a student in our School of Graphic Arts program, you’ll get a Mac laptop. Laptops are preloaded with the applications you will need to begin designing like the experts. Your notebook and study materials are supplied at no charge. † Graphic arts programs are offered completely online by our affiliated institution, Independence University.

Widener University Free Laptop

Widener University is among the best universities in the United States. It essentially offers free laptops to technology students who have done excellent. Eligible students must graduate from high school in Spring 2019 with a combined SAT math and critical reading score of 1310 or greater or a composite ACT score of 28 or greater using a 3.5 or higher GPA (on a 4.0 scale).

University of Minnesota-Crookston Free Laptop

Crookston University provides every student a laptop from day one. Apparently, in 2019, US News ranked the faculty the next best public college and the 36th Midwest Regional College. UMN-Crookston graduates, based on Payscale.com, have an average net return on investment of 20 years.

Centenary College Free Laptops

Here, students can choose between Toshiba, MacBook Pro. Fundamentally all pupils entering campus could select between a 55kg Toshiba Satellite C5.3 using a 15.6-inch or 4.5-pound screen and a MacBook Pro with a 13.3-inch screen. This school allows students to maintain their notebooks after graduation. Centenary College offers online applications, bachelor’s and master’s programs.

Bethel University Free Laptops

Google Chromebook Bethel University, No. 22 at America’s Finest Colleges, No. 11 in Best Colleges for Veterans and Best Undergraduate Teaching, and No. 17 at Midwest Colleges, offers notebooks with Chromebooks. Bethel provides 35 degree programs online for students, graduates, and seminars. Based on the purpose and program, Bethel provides “Full Online, a blend of face-to-face and internet offerings, in addition to full online [programs] with a couple of weeks of intensive campus.”

St. John’s University Free Laptops

Students of St. John’s University has a Choice of laptops 3; Apple MacBook Pro, Lenovo ThinkPad L380, Lenovo ThinkPad L380 Yoga. St. John’s University, in Queens, NY, is a large private Catholic college. St. Johns offers you a choice of three notebooks. Students are able to keep their laptops if they have at least a bachelor’s degree. This university provides 26 online applications. The top popular themes are psychology, medical assistants, and biology. Students rent study overseas and passionate teachers.

Wake Forest University Free Laptops

Wake Forest University is a small private college ranked 27th in the 2019 edition of US News Best Colleges. The free laptop must be returned at the conclusion of the course. Students studying at WFU have a net investment return of $476,000 on average for 20 years. Popular topics are economics, communication, and psychology. Students congratulate Wake Forest for small class sizes, excellent teachers, and an outstanding program in economics, economics, communication, and political science.

South Nazarene University

Significant specialties include studies of organizational behavior, business management and management, and human growth. The Southern Nazarene is praised for having attentive and caring teachers that are brilliant and reliable. You can select from 3 notebooks; Dell Latitude 3380, 13 ″ MacBook Pro, 15 ″ MacBook Pro

Southern Nazarene University is a private Christian college with a 100% approval rate. SNU graduates make an average internet ROI of $217,000 over 20 years, according to the current ROI report from Payscale.com. There are other online schools offering free laptops, but we’ve selected these colleges due to their consistency and dependability.

Get Free laptops for students coronavirus

Pencils, paper, and crayons? Back to School Guide to Laptops IS helping many students, Education is among the sectors that have been most influenced by the Covid-19 pandemic. This year, the return to classes will continue at a distance as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, for which thousands of students will be forced to acquire a computer. After the tumult caused by COVID-19 after the first suspension of classes in spring, many colleges have already designed another fall course around Laptops and tablets. The classes moved to the online format, but we forgot one little problem: not all pupils have access to the web or to a computer or tablet to study remotely. This, naturally, means that parents can find the necessary apparatus, prevent it from breaking up, maintain Wi-Fi running, and ensure their children do not waste time online. And with the market stagnant, many families can not afford an expensive new laptop or a broadband connection.

LAPTOPS WITH A CAUSE Free Laptops During Covid 

The LAPTOPS WITH A CAUSE organization launched an initiative to donate equipment to low-income Students. How do you get one? Here we tell you. On its FB page, the organization explains that the initiative aims to provide computers, laptops or tablets to high school and college students who are unable to afford them, so that they can continue with their studies.

However, the pandemic has changed what we want from these machines. Laptops now need to get online from home, apart from free school broadband and professionally handled Wi-Fi networks. The hardware of laptops also requires more power and battery life to have video conferences and to run browsers for six hours or more.

Its objective is to deliver tablets or laptops to those students who can’t afford them, so they can continue with their studies. We operate through voluntary contributions. We need you!” . So for those who have a laptop that you no longer use or have the resources to donate one for students who cannot purchase it, this is your opportunity.

Online learning also has its own advantages. In theory, teachers may obtain data to personalize the educational process. Students also learn technology skills from a young age. The silver lining is that kids who do this now are likely to be even more ready for our digital economy. Perhaps your child’s school provides laptops for pupils or perhaps you buy them. In any event, you require a survival plan.

It’s about having the perfect mindset about display time and also having the proper equipment. The goal should be to help the student learn how to organize and develop skills to manage screen time, in addition to discovering the love of learning on a single platform.

Government free computers for low-income families.

Free laptops, free computers from the government can help many to connect through various sources. If you are unable to purchase a free computer for yourself and want to get a free computer? Then the government will help you to get free computers for low-income families. Now, if you wanted to fill up the application form for free laptops by the government online then there are some strict rules of the federal government to get a free computer but for a low-income family, it may be possible that they can get free laptops for college students easily.

Though there are some strict rules the government provides free computers for low-income families according to their stock and budget. Even if you are not able to get a free laptop from the government then you can take the laptop assistance from non-profit and local organizations. Rather than finding the low-income families directly, the government chooses to assist the non-profits and local organizations. NGOs and NPOs help free computers for low-income families from the fund they have received.

Eligibility criteria to get government free computers for low-income families.

As we know, government free grants are not for all. You must clear all the eligibility criteria they have made. To get a free laptop and free computer first you have to check the eligibility criteria I have listed below.

  1. You must have a valid proof ID.
  2. Must be a citizen of the United States.
  3. Must have valid address proof.
  4. You should provide all the documents which can prove their income status such as tax return and salary slip etc.

How to get a Free Laptop?

It’s an important question: how to get free laptops? So, try to recall your thoughts. Have you ever seen advertisements or websites that offer free laptops to register for a collection of sponsored services? But with all the allegedly free offers, it’s important to be careful or alert in considering the positives and negatives of applying and registering to yourself in any program. Although programs and offers vary from one to another. Let’s begin to know how to get a free laptop?

Visit the websites that offer people free laptops and free computers. You can easily find out just by searching the keyword “free laptops”.

After visiting, kindly subscribe to the incentive program. Now, you will be asked for a valid email address and other personal information of yours. Remember, do check once that it is fake or not.

All these are optional from time to time but will nonetheless be presented as part of the application or you can say registration process.

Complete offers from 2 to 6. And then you will be asked to register yourself for free trials, sign up yourself as a member of an affiliate, apply for credit cards or simply enrol in other applications. After successfully doing this, you will get credits to your laptop at free cost.
Now, just redeem your credits for your free computer. Once you have completed the required number of supplies, you may access the member’s area to have a notebook.

Signup for a free webmail account and use it to register to get offers. It can be difficult for you to remove yourself from mailing lists such as these. And it is too simple to ditch your account once you get the free computer. Many of these free laptops and free computers are not lawful. So, be careful of the research company and the website prior to providing them any personal information. And it can be extremely tough to qualify for credit for your free laptops or free computer.


Free laptops and free computers can help low-income families. Not only do organizations, nonprofits, and governments provide free laptops, many universities are also there that provide free laptops for college students. Having a laptop is a game-changing decision of yours if you use it properly such as applying for jobs, doing freelance work, studies, and many other things. Hope you get all the information you need to know. All the best!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you get A free Laptop From LAPTOPS WITH A CAUSE organization?

How can you get A free Laptop From LAPTOPS WITH A CAUSE organization

To get a free laptop from with a cause, Input the registration form of the organization, you can consult it here. Compose your information: name, school, email and what equipment you need. You also have to send a photo of your legal credential and proof of registration. eye! The organization indicated that there’s currently a waiting list, since by operating on a donation basis, they can’t guarantee the delivery of the equipment to all applicants. To become a donor, you just need to fill The Form with your information and they will contact you.

How can you donate Laptop to LAPTOPS WITH A CAUSE organization?

How can you donate Laptop to LAPTOPS WITH A CAUSE organization

Enter the registration form to donate to the organization, you can consult it here. Indicate what equipment you want to contribute and what operating system you have. And if you have Office packs and a charger. You also have to specify if it’s any imperfections or damage. Provide your contact number and email. Choose a meeting point for the delivery and the afternoon. If you will need a computer and you’re interested in being a beneficiary of this initiative, then you’ve got to fill out another form. This way you will enter a waiting list for a computer to keep on studying.

How to get Free laptops for homeschoolers?

How to get Free laptops for homeschoolers

Schools which are trying to teach Students from low income or poor families upto K-12 Comes under Home schoolers categories. Schools and Local communities which are offering Education from base to Grade 12, means those offering education from Play group to K-12 Can eligible and ask for a free laptop from various government programs. Any Home Schooler who is seeking for a free laptop Grants can apply here for free laptop Home-school that provides laptop Many home schools which receive free laptops from the government also offer these free laptops to their students, to get these Free laptops anyone can contact home school authority and can request them to provide a free laptop which can help them.

Is it necessary to get free laptop for online courses

Is it necessary to get free laptop for online courses

Nothing in life is free or so you might have heard. But, there are ways to get a notebook for no money when trying to get your General Educational Development (GED). Even though you might not be able to take the GED test online as of 2010, it is possible to still use a laptop to assist you prepare for the exam. GED study guides and practice tests are available online for your convenience.

How to get a free laptop when you get a GED?

How to get a free laptop when you get a GED

Speak to your advisor special programs offered for GED candidates. Many GED test prep programs will provide you with a used or refurbished laptop to assist you study for the GED test. Speak to your school counselor or teacher to determine if your school has any laptop that isn’t in use. Many schools have started to participate in laptop programs, which provide computers to all students. If there is any equipment left over from this sort of program, you may use one for your GED test prep. Ask a friend or relative if they have a laptop they are not using. Some people update computers quite frequently, and you can find an older model from somebody to use for GED testing functions. Take part in online surveys or review websites. Many different sites will offer you a notebook when you agree to review the product or take a short survey. Free Notebook Benefits (free-laptop-rewards. Com), Laptop Card (laptopreportcard.com) and Free College Laptops (freelaptopcollege.com) are 3 sites you can use for this purpose.

Provide some tips Before Applying for Free Laptops With Online GED Course

Provide some tips Before Applying for Free Laptops With Online GED Course.

Read all of the rules and terms of service participating in an online survey or other program. Some require registration for many offers or services not used or needed. These services could wind up costing you more money than buying a new laptop would.

How to get a free laptop for college?

How to get a free laptop for college

Laptops can be costly, yet they are an unquestionable requirement for most understudies. The versatility of a PC makes it simple for understudies to take to class or library study or examination meetings. Getting a free PC for school may seem like a fantasy, yet it tends to be finished.

1 Attend a college that uses free laptops as an incentive to enroll.
2 Ask a laptop instead of money as a graduation gift.
3 Enter to win free laptops over the Internet; Legitimate websites have free computer contests from time to time.
4 Browse the “free stuff” sections of ads (and websites like Craigslist). If you are a computer technology buff, you can grab a free laptop and fix it.

How can I get a free laptop?

How can I get a free laptop

To get Free Laptop, You might have seen advertisements or sites offering free laptops to register for a collection of sponsored services. But with all the allegedly free offers, it’s essential to be very careful and diligent in considering the positives and negatives of registering for a program. Although programs and offers differ from one another, the version for receiving a free notebook is normally the same. Visit a website offering a free notebook. You can easily find these by running a search engine query for “free laptops” Subscribe to the incentive program. You’ll be asked to provide a valid email address and other private information. All these are optional from time to time but will nonetheless be presented as part of the registration process. Complete offers from two to six. You’ll be asked to register for free trials, sign up as a member in an affiliate, apply for credit cards, or enroll in other applications. By doing this successfully, you will receive “credits” to your laptop at no cost. Redeem your credits for your computer for free. Once you have completed the required number of supplies, you may then access the member’s area to have the notebook at. Sign up for a free webmail account and use it to register to receive offers. It can be difficult to remove yourself from mailing lists such as these. It’s so much simpler to just ditch your account once you get a free laptop. Many of these free notebook deals aren’t legitimate. Research the company and the website prior to giving them any personal information. It can be extremely tough to qualify for credit for your laptop. For example, if you’re denied a credit card, you will not receive a credit for this offer. Also, if you cancel a subscription, you are not eligible to receive a credit. Most free trials ask you to pay in advance and request a refund when you cancel. This can be a time-consuming procedure. You will receive more junk and spam after finishing one of these offers. The costs of your free trials, postage and other fees can easily exceed the cost of a laptop. It’s critical to read reviews and notices about free laptop deals before registering. Several such sites have been included in the resource section.

How to get a donated laptop?

How to get a donated laptop

Laptop donations may seem too good to be true, but there are ways to get these notebooks for free or cheap, if you have the persistence and a bit of luck. Try all of the methods to get a laptop and repeat your efforts until they pay. If you’re prepared to accept refurbished machines or machines that are a few years old, you will have a better prospect of getting a free computer than if you try to hold out for a current model.

How Can I Get a Free Laptop from Donations?

How Can I Get a Free Laptop from Donations

Look to reuse technology or revive a non-profit near you, then call to see if they renew portable computers and how to get on the list. Search Recycles.org for donation offers near you, or ask for a notebook donation. Respond to nearby laptop donations to get a free computer. If you ask for a donation, someone seeking to recycle a work notebook can view your request and respond. Negotiate the transaction from there. Apply for a laptop through the computer recycling center (crc.org). Young people, seniors, teachers, nonprofits and others may request a free computer. Call for additional info, or write a letter requesting the specific information you want and why you or your team would benefit from receiving a free computer. Find out if your town has e-waste recycling equipment and, if so, what about equipment brought there. You may have the ability to find a working laptop or notebook parts whenever someone recycles your old machine. Look for contests, giveaways, raffles, and other giveaways that have laptop prizes. Enter for a chance to win a given computer.

How to get Free laptop for disabled students?

How to get Free laptop for disabled students

If you know someone who is disabled you also know that there are very few opportunities to avail of a free laptop. But no need to worry because there are few programs where disabled people can also get a computer or laptop completely free of cost. Some of the organizations for disabled people are: Jim Mullen foundation – This is a large foundation that helps disabled students to get a computer for free. Check with charities – This organization is specially meant for charity purposes and disabled people so you can easily get a free laptop or computer. Check with your local library – Some libraries offer technology gifts to a disabled student. So, there you can check for a laptop or computer.

How to request a free laptop for a child with a disability?

How to request a free laptop for a child with a disability

Disabled children can have an uphill battle as they progress into adolescence because of their physical or psychological disabilities. Because of this, numerous charitable organizations are formed to assist disabled children and their parents by providing support and supplies. If your handicapped child could benefit from a notebook, you may apply for one of many organizations. Applying for a free notebook may require persistence because of limited distribution and large number of applicants. Disabled children can have an uphill battle as they advance into adolescence due to their physical or psychological disabilities. As a result, numerous charitable organizations have been formed to assist disabled children and their parents by providing support and supplies. If your disabled child could benefit from a laptop, you may apply for one of many organizations. Applying for a free notebook may require persistence because of limited supply and large number of applicants. Contact local charities to inquire about programs for free laptops. Government grants may be available in your region and charities would most likely be aware of these. Read the concession or organization’s standards and requirements. Verify that your family or child meets the criteria for the free laptop program. Fill out the application. Submit to direction on the form. Look for almost any application deadlines and submit the application on time. Submit requests to as many different associations, contributions, and charities as possible. Demand for free notebooks is high and it will probably take several attempts before you come up with a laptop for your little one.

How to get free laptops For Kids?

How to get free laptops For Kids

As technology becomes more powerful in everyday life, children start to learn to use and operate this technology at a much younger age. Younger kids are using cell phones, surfing the world wide web, and writing reports instead of handwriting them. To help children that are not prepared for a full computer, you can buy a laptop made specifically for young people. These laptops come in all different styles and designs and a brief search will help you discover the right one. While browsing for laptops for children, you can come across an excellent selection. One of the most hyped courses is a notebook based on a popular character. These can be anything from Barbie to Spider-Man and the only difference in these others being the design of the box and some graphics that can present the signature character. Some children’s laptops actually feature a viable mouse and some come with only a keyboard. Children’s laptop screens are usually never complete in size, between 5 and 10 inches diagonally. V-Tech creates a large line of these notebooks, but they can also be found from companies like Kid Layout and Oregon Scientific. Laptops don’t have an operating system like Windows or Macintosh, but have a simple menu for all of the activities that children can take part in. To use the menu, children will use the arrows or the numeric keys on the available keyboard or mouse. Pictures are pretty standard and generally white and black, but notebooks are created more for learning superior graphics. Children can usually choose from a long list of activities and games to play on the team. Some laptops have specific characteristics which make them stand out from the crowd. For instance, the V-Tech Advanced Touch Tablet includes a touch screen, CD-ROM, and a USB connection for loading content from your home computer. The V-Tech Cyber ​​Spy Portable features a built-in microphone so kids can actually record their voices and hear them play back. Other features include expanded slots for added games, music, and multiple languages. These laptops provide many benefits for the children who use them. The most obvious benefit is using a full-size keyboard. This way, they learn the alphabet and keyboard layout at the same time to help improve their writing skills. Children are playing on the laptop, but all the games are educational so they’re learning at the same time. Laptops for children will also keep your computer open for you to use and can prevent kids from going online and on websites that they are not supposed to.

What is the best online colleges that offer laptops and financial aid?

What is the best online colleges that offer laptops and financial aid

There are many universities that offer free laptops or iPads. The following are the top ranked schools offering free laptops to their students. Amridge University Duke University Institute for Global Health Bethel University South Nazarene University Ohio State University Coppin State University Chatham University Wake Forest University Full Sail University St. John’s University Illinois Institute of Technology Dakota State University Rochester College Indiana State University Maryville University Ohio State University Saint Leo University Northwest Missouri State University Seton Hill University Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota St. John’s University University of Minnesota-Crookston University of North Carolina at Pembroke Valley City State University Western Kentucky University Rutgers-Newark University Instead of getting laptops for children, you can set up a safe environment for your children to use the computer. Buy computer games that play using the full screen and provide learning experiences. Also, instead of letting the kids get hooked on technology, starting with a few books or worksheets along with the computer looks like a prize you can win for doing paper and pencil work first.

How to get a free laptop from apple?

How to get a free laptop from apple

How to get a free laptop from apple is the popular search term of the web now a days, but does not offer free laptop or iPad or max configuration to anyone Apple provides in its stores a discount for the education sector that’s active during the year, although during September the benefits are more attractive. Thus, in addition to getting discounts on Apple computers and the iPad, within this period they also give away AirPods cans and a discount in their AppleCare + program of 20%. The savings could be up to 318 bucks on a Mac or 90 bucks on an iPad, but there aren’t just discounts on hardware: there are additional interesting promotions like the student discount on Apple Music, Apple’s music streaming services. Following six months of free trial, this advertising, which will be in force in several countries (so the prices change), lowers the patient strategy from 9.99 Bucks / month to 4.99 bucks in USA. To benefit from these discounts, it’s necessary to put in your student email in UNiDAYS, which means that you’re either working or studying in an educational center. This procedure usually requires the sending of a copy of the registration or employment contract for confirmation.

How to get a free laptop from amazon?

How to get a free laptop from amazon

Amazon is a best e commerce platform those who think of getting a free laptop from amazon we would like to tell them that amazon doesn’t provide free laptops to any students, but it doesn’t mean you can’t get free laptops from amazon, There are Two ways to Get laptop assistance from amazon The student who wants to get a free laptop from amazon needs to contact the seller directly by writing a mail by requesting how this free laptop is useful to you, How this laptop which they will offer you can help you in your study and yes most thing why they should offer you this free laptop. You can simply visit amazon sellers by searching the laptop helpful for you, writing mail or contacting them through message, these sellers have demo laptops which can be helpful to you. Another way to get amazon student laptops is to find discounted coupons for students available on the web. You can simply search the internet using the term “Discount Coupon for laptops for students on amazon” You can apply this code while checking out.

How to Get Free Laptops From Google?

How to Get Free Laptops From Google

Google for Education is your region of ​​Google focused on education. Its mission is to present a collection of ICT tools for classrooms in the form of software, training and ideas on the topic. Even though it doesn’t offer discounts on hardware like its Chromebooks, for practical purposes students may benefit from the possibility of enjoying unlimited space on Google Drive. Unfortunately, as a student you can’t trigger it separately, it depends on whether the center where you’re studying has this agreement in force with Google.

Does Strayer university offer free laptops?

Does Strayer university offer free laptops

Yes, Strayer university offers free laptops to students who enroll in online bachelor programs. These free laptops from Strayer University are to help students with online studies programs, these laptops are configured with Microsoft latest programs which are useful to students with online study from Strayer. Not only free laptops Strayer University is a well-known name which is helping students with free financial grants and scholarships too.

What is the academic purchase program?

What is the academic purchase program

Lenovo is a big It company and one of the oldest in laptop assembling and manufacturing, Laptop Academic Purchase Programs Help student to buy laptops which can be helpful to them for work from home, online studies, and yes for teachers too on heavy discounted prices. many times, Lenovo run specials offers i.e Christmas gifts or heavy cashback to help those needy low income students whose study is suffering due to financial issues.

Dell Laptop Programs for Students Dell has on its site a savings program for students over 18 years old that are pursuing a greater or university degree, offering up to 20% discount on study- oriented electronic systems and devices. To access the program, it’s necessary to register with an academic email or write to an address providing documentation to prove it. After validation, we will receive a discount code which we can apply during the purchase process in the Dell online store for computers, monitors and projectors.

There’s absolutely no minimum spending threshold, they can’t be combined with other discount codes and it’s restricted to the Dell site – since the offer percentages vary – and we could only use it once per order, using a maximum of two orders yearly. This code can be requested each course provided that you continue studying. Specifically, the program offers a 5 percent discount on computers from the Inspiron and G ranges, 10% on XPS and Alienware and a 10% reduction on monitors and projectors.

In addition, once we register we will also receive special campaign offers in our mail. HP Laptops for Students Programs There’s also a section for students on the HP Store site. If we want to access it, we’ll have to register with the email that our educational center has provided us and our university is part of this community network. If you don’t have an academic email, it will be necessary to give additional information to complete the registration. We proceed to register with our student accounts – I am currently studying at UNED – and, after entering our and a strong password, they send us a confirmation code to the email that we’ll have to glue on the HP site.

It will be necessary to enter more data related to our career to finish the process. Once registered, we will be redirected to the front page of the HP Store, where we will see your goods with the price for students without restrictions. The earnings between devices vary greatly depending upon the version chosen, but they are extremely appealing: 20% on a selection of products including laptops, all-in-ones, desktops, printers and monitors, the HP Pavilion, Envy and Specter families with 100 Dollars discount, 25% on screens.

Microsoft Laptop help for students From the Microsoft online shop there’s a section for the educational industry with discounts on hardware, software, accessories as well as Xbox consoles, since not everything will be studying. They also have their own part for the education industry. The best offers are observed in Surface products, with discounts of around 25 percent, which translates to paying 949.75 bucks less on the Surface Book two, 350 bucks on the Surface Pro 7 or 90 bucks on the Surface Move 2, always in compliance with the recommended sale rates.

If we only require applications, the whole Office 365 package is free and features Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Microsoft Teams and other tools for the classroom. In the student program section we can get unique versions of Windows 10, Microsoft 365 and Office using a discount. If we wish to benefit from those discounts to the education sector, it’s essential to have a Microsoft account and complete a verification process, where they will confirm that you’re a student or instructor.

What laptop do most college students use?

What laptop do most college students use

Lenovo Yoga 920 13.3-inch
Apple MacBook Air
HP Specter x360
Dell XPS 15 15 ″ Apple
MacBook Pro
Apple 13-inch MacBook Pro
Dell Latitude 3380
HP Chromebook 13

Which is better for college students: Laptop or iPad?

Which is better for college students Laptop or iPad

As per student need, they can decide which is most helpful for them, a laptop or iPad. The screen of the Ipad is smaller if we compare it with a laptop but the size of the laptop is bigger if compared with the Ipad. If any student needs to write content, or to learn coding, the laptop is only the better option.

Can financial assistance help me to get a free laptop?

Can financial assistance help me to get a free laptop

Yes you can choose any financial assistance for students by universities or charities, as we have shared above government grants and assistance for students to get help for free laptops, students will not be able to choose this assistance further for any expenses. if any student fail to get free laptop from these assistances the another option is to get it from other aids i.e. student loans , low income earner loans or no credit check loans which can be helpful for students as well as single mothers going back to schools or college.

Which is the best laptop for online classes?

Which is the best laptop for online classes

The need of every student is different as the course in which they enrolled is different, as per student need and the academic requirement any student can decide to choose the laptop, but thing is to be consider that this is a one time process, once you have decided these can’t be returned or changed

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