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How to get Free government tablets for low income – It is known to all that tablets are expensive devices and for lower-income families, it is difficult to afford them. But for their work or study, they need it. However, because of the cost, they cannot afford it. That’s why many governmental and non-government organizations come forward to help them. They organize different programs to help low-income families and individuals and provide them with free government tablets that fulfill the criteria.

If you are one of those low-income families and individuals who need the free government tablet then you can read out this article. Because from this article, you will get informative details on how you can get free government tablets for low-income families. One just has need to meet the requirements and fill out the correct information in the application form and submit the form before its deadline. Even one can get help from churches as well as from non-profit organizations.

How do get free government tablets for low-income families?

If you are a low-income individual and need a free government tablet then you can here are some top ways are given. But before applying for them one needs to check for their eligibility criteria. These ways are:

Government websites for free tablets for low income families

You can see that government provides lots of things to people from time to time including free tablets. For this, lots of government websites stay updated and provide information about the schemes that the government offers for helping people. However, someone people think that they will get a free laptop as well from the government. One can get a free laptop from the government as well, but for this, they have to apply for a free laptop from the government when the government offers this scheme.

Non-profit organizations free laptop for low income

People who need tablets for their work or education can contact non-profit organizations like churches and NGOs. However, these are getting subsidies from the government, so you can get the free tablet from there. But sometimes the stocks are limited and because of the high demand for free tablets they were out of stock and because of this lots of people stay deprived of free tablets. But if someone contacts them they can get a free tablet.

Document required if you qualify through another federal government program

Here is the list of documents given that are required if you qualify through another federal government program, and these are:

  1. Show the document of disability benefits from Social Security (SSD).
  2. Show the document of Social Security Income (SSI).
  3. For financial assistance programs such as GA, TANF, and others (a dated letter showing current eligibility is required).
  4. Foster care for a longer period.
  5. For food assistance (a dater letter showing current eligibility is required).
  6. Show the document for free or reduced lunch program of the National School Lunch Program Minimal Residential Energy Support Program.
  7. Show the document for Medicaid/ Medicare or Medical support (bring a paper that says “MA” or “Medical Assistance” on it) for a head start.
  8. Behavioural Health Case Management for Adults and children.
  9. For services finding work (only if income-based in your state).
  10. Section 8 of the federal Pell Grant, New Federal Housing Subsidies, or Group Domestic Housing are all options (GRH).

All these documents one has to submit if qualified through another federal government program.

Documents you need for free government tablets

If you want to get the free tablet from the government, then for this you needed some documents to submit. These documents are listed below to help you:

  • The applicant’s residence proof.
  • The applicant has to submit income proof or pay stubs.
  • The applicant has to give his contact information.
  • Submit the income proof or information about the student.
  • The applicant has to submit all the documents that show their eligibility.
  • A picture ID of the applicant is required.

All these documents are required when you apply for a free government tablet.

Document required if you qualify through income

The list of documentation is given below:

  • A social security benefit statement
  • Statement of benefits for unemployment/compensation workmen’s
  • A declaration of benefits from the VA
  • A declaration of benefits for retirement/pension
  • The state, federal, or tribal tax return from the previous year
  • Declaration of involvement in general assistance from the federal government or a tribe.

A document that is required if you qualify through a disability

IF someone has a disability then they have to be documented with paperwork from a government source.

How do get free tablets for low-income families from charities and non-profit organizations?

Low-income families and people can get a free tablet from charities and non-profit organizations. One can get free tablets from different initiatives. Such as:

The program’s name is “Lifeline”

The lifeline program is the one that provides help with the free tablet to everyone whether they belong to any state, tribal brand, and territory resident. Students can get help from different programs of the lifeline that help them to get free computers and tablets for their education. One just needs to fill out the application form for the lifeline program and take benefit from them.

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is a non-profit charitable organization. You can go to their official website if you need free tablets or computers. This is an organization that helps people who did not afford things like furniture, clothes, and other things. They will examine your financial situation if you meet with criteria then you can fill out the application to get a free tablet.

How to fill application form for free tablets for low-income families?

When you fill out the application make sure that you fill in the correct information and attach the correct documents. Along with this, make sure that you fill in all the required information that is updated. IF you make any mistake in the application form then your application will be rejected.

How are free government tablets helping low-income people?

People who come under the low-income category will get some special benefits from the government. The government works with churches and NGOs as well and distributes Medicines to needy people also. To get a free tablet one just needs to apply for the free government tablet and fill out the complete application form with required documents and information and then wait for the results.

What are the best companies that offer government-free tablets?

Various companies are available that offer government-free tablets including:

  • Adaptive.org
  • City.org is a company that helps families, children, and instructors with free and subsidized tablets along with the internet and some special software.
  • The Computer Technology Support Corps is a non-profit that provides free tablets to those who need financial assistance and others.
  • The Accelerated Schools Organization offers help with free tablets to needy people.
  • Computers for Education Refurbished tablets and desktops are available for schools, universities, and colleges.
  • Everyone is a people-helping program. They give away free tablets, internet access, computers, and courses. Their annual salary did not more than $35,000.


Hopefully, you get the information from this article to get the free government tablet. You just need to fill out the application on time and with the required documents. Make sure that you fill out the correct information in the form so that your application will not be rejected by them. People who come from low-income families or need free tablets can apply for free government tablets.

Frequently Asked question

Some questions and answers are given below that are related to free government tablets.

Do free tablet providers offer reliable customer care?

However, it depends on the institution or organization from where you receive the tablet. You can find that Lifeline offers the best customer service to its recipients. So, if you get it from small non-profit organizations, then you will find reputable clients and it will also become challenging for you.

Are there any restrictions on a lifeline?

There are limitations to getting a free laptop from the lifeline. Only one person from a family can get a free laptop. One can get a free laptop only when he fulfills all its requirements. For this, they need to meet all their eligibility requirements as well as fill out the complete application form. However, you did not choose which laptop you require. The guidelines may differ depending on the Lifelines with which you work or follow to get a free laptop.

Are free tablets free?

Indeed, lots of state government decides that they offer a free laptop, tablet, or computer to students who need them. Yes, these free laptops/tablets/computers are entirely free, you did not have to pay a single penny for them. The only thing that one has to do is complete and fill out the application form with the correct information and required documents.

Can I upgrade my government-free tablet?

IF you want to upgrade your free tablet, then it entirely depends on the institution or organization from which you received it. Because lots of small organizations do not offer the upgrade option for free tablets, on the other hand, some organizations offer this option.

How do get a free tablet for seniors?

Senior people are also eligible to get a free tablet. They can get it from various churches and non-governmental organizations, as they started this initiative. If you want to get the advantage of this perk, then you have to contact these organizations directly to get a free tablet for seniors.

How can I get a free tablet with Medicaid?

One can get the free tablet with Medicaid if he gets benefits from it. However, it varies from one institution to another. You can see that many small organizations like churches and non-profits did not offer the free tablet in conjunction with Medicaid.

How can I get a free government tablet?

IF you fulfill all the eligibility criteria and complete the application form then you can get a free government tablet. When the program is open then you have to make sure that you fill out the application form as soon as possible before the deadline.