Get Free car repair grant the 13 best places for low income families


 Get Free car repair grant the 13 best places for low income families The best places for car repair grants are unbelievable but you heard it right. From various problems,free car repair for low income families have gone through their life. For example, if they have a car but due to a single fault it is useless so make it usable it needs repairing. And to fix that single fault in the car, government grants for car repair they may not have money due to many reasons such as low income, job loss, etc. many organizations always come forward to help low-income people who need to fix their car.

These organizations are known as the best places for car repair grants and they provide car repair help in changes of tires, transmission, and other types of work that a car requires to be fixed. So, let’s learn about the 13 best places for car repair grants.

Car repair assistance for low-income people is crucial as it makes life easy. There are various government organizations, agencies, and other non-profit organizations that provide car repair help as car repair grants. Having a car can make life easy and distressful. Through such organizations that are mentioned below can provide you car repair grants. So, in this article, we will discuss car repair grants, how car repair grants work, and much more. Read along.

Because not everyone can work from home and lack of transportation remains a huge problem, the state of Minnesota awarded $475,000 in car repair grants this week to six agencies determined to help low-income workers get and keep jobs.

The Getting to Work grants, issued through the Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED), will help the agencies provide, repair or maintain vehicles that assist eligible people obtain or maintain employment.

Most of the funds are headed to agencies in greater Minnesota, where public transportation can be hard to find and where many low-income workers struggle to secure or maintain the vehicles needed to get to work each day.

“This funding will help people across the state take care of themselves and their families by securing or keeping a job without transportation-related barriers getting in the way,” said DEED Commissioner Steve Grove in a statement. “These grants are an important part of moving Minnesota’s workforce and economy toward a brighter future.”

The new grants follow a survey conducted last spring by DEED’s Career Force centers and the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis. Some 58% of 628 respondents reported that a lack of transportation presented “significant” or “moderate” challenges in their efforts to get to work each day.

DEED’s largest award, $150,000, will go to Community Action Partnership of Epinephrine County.

The money will go toward the agency’s vehicle repair program, which last year helped 220 families pay for car repairs totaling up to $1,200 each, said Sharlene Hall, associate director of client services.

“It’s been a very busy year for car repairs. With the new funding dollars, we anticipate we’ll be able to help even more,” said Hall.

The agency also will be able to offer more repair clinics for low-income residents. The effort is the latest expansion of Community Action’s Transportation Services Program. It recently updated its program to offer poor residents across the county help with car insurance, gas station cash cards and Metro Transit passes.

DEED also awarded $90,680 to Minnesota Valley Action Council, which serves Mankato and its surrounding counties, and $90,000 to Tri-County Action Program, which serves Benton, Burnisher and St earns counties.

About 64% of the funds are going to organizations based outside the seven-county metro area, DEED officials said. Affected agencies said they are grateful for the extra aid.

“These grants absolutely will make someone’s life better. Transportation is the number one barrier for low-income people to get out of poverty. There is a huge need,” said Dan Jones, Minnesota Valley Action Council’s transportation initiative administrator.

Low-income people may have different problems in their life. Even if they have a car, this may not be usable or workable due to a single fault. To fix this single fault, one may not have money due to job loss, low income, or any other reason. Some organization comes forward to help the needy people who need fixing their car. These organizations provide financial assistance for car repair, change of tires, transmission, and other types of repair work. In some cases, people may also get a free car from the government when this car can facilitate their life same as opportunities and rights.

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Car repair financial assistance is important for the low-income people who can make life so much easier. There are a government organization, non profit organization, and other agencies that provide this free car repair financial assistance. More importantly, these organizations also help the people get a free car from the government and other organizations. What you need is the urgency of repair work to facilitate your life. Without having a car, life may be so distressful and difficult. So you may read this article to get tons of ideas to get free car repair financial assistance when you feel the need.

How to get Free Money for car repair grant?

When you need car repairs then you will find that there are several ways for free car repairs that you can find. If at the time of asking for help you would vigilant and attentive, then you will get help from them. You can see that many organizations, charities, churches, and non-profit organizations are helpful and they provide help to you for paying your car repairs. So, you can get help from them, you just need to know about their assistance program and eligibility criteria and then apply. If you have thought that “I need money for car repairs but have no money”, then you can read the article and get a solution that how you can get free money for car repairs.

How to get free car repair grant?

To help with free cars from government we have already shared valuable sources with you now its turn to find how to get help with free car repairs, in this post below we are sharing valuable sources that can help you with free car repairs  for low income families. here is the list of all possible programs that can be helpful for you

  1. Free car repairs from government
  2. Free car repairs assistance from Non profit organizations
  3. Free car repairs help from Religious organizations and churches
  4. Free car repairs from Online sources

Get Government Assistance for car repair grant

The government always has different programs for their people so that people can get help from them and make their life some easy. They can get those assistance for their life, they can get financial assistance, and other assistance as well which are helpful to remove their load from their shoulders. In the same way, the federal government has a Job Access AMD Reverse Commute (JARC) program. This program helps low-income families and individuals and many welfare recipients with free car repairs which may include new tires, transmissions, many other electrical and mechanical repairs in the car, which are necessary for the people. This is the welfare car voucher which is paid for the car repairs and other non-profit resources from the federal government and DHS.

JARC car repair application is working with many non-profit organizations, they have limited funding and in-scope opportunities for free car repairs. This government grant offer is provided by some cities, towns, and countries for free car repairs. Their prime focus is on the people who need transportation for their educational work, job, or training reasons. They help those people first rather than others. They also provide help to single mothers and other women who are the single bread earner of their families.

This program also gives priority to many other people including veterans, disabled, single mothers, unemployed, and people who are using the cash welfare programs such as TANF.

Imagine, that an individual is not qualified for the free car repairs near me or the transportation assistance or automobile vouchers by using the JARC federal government transportation assistance program. In that case, he or she is eligible to get free car repairs from this scheme. Many of the non-profit organizations have collaborated with the Federal Transit Administration on JARC. They offer people low-interest loans so that they can pay maintenance and emergency repairs to cars or heavy vehicles, with these loans or financial assistance.

This federal government program aims to cover the transportation challenges of low-income, working poor, minorities, along with the people who need the transportation to go to their college, job, and other workplaces.  Not only this, but they offer free money for car repairs to single parents with children, including single mothers or fathers. So that they can give the best childcare to their children and also nourishment which they need.

The provided money or fund has many aims which include to help the people who are facing transportation challenges, to keep or get their employment or job. They can use this money for automobile repairs and maintenance and go to their job place with ease. Apart from this, they also offer microloans for repairing cars and trucks. Not only this but assist with general transportation assistance and services as well.

How to apply for Government Assistance For car repair grant?

As we read above that the Government has the JARC assistance program for their people. They provide help to low-income families and individuals with their JARC assistance program who need transportation assistance and car repairs. But this JARC assistance program has very low funding, and fewer non-profit organizations provide financial help to low-income individuals. If you want to know more about this JARC program and also know about the non-provider organization which provides free money for car repairs then you can call on 211. They will give you all the information about the organizations and their assistance programs from where you can get help.

Along with this, they will provide you all the information about the eligibility criteria, money limit, and suggestions to the families needing to get their car fixed. These are the non-profit agency that receives the applications for any resources available. So, you can apply for car repairs assistance and get help if you qualify for the JARC assistance program.

Which criteria for the Government Free Car Repair Program?

The government has many assistance programs for low-income families, single mothers, unfortunate people, and many others who cannot afford to pay for their bills, even those bills are utility bills, rent, electricity bills, car repair bills, and any other bills. The government has multiple programs to assist people in their needy time. If someone has needed to repair their car or need a new or used car then the government also has a grant program for this, which is called Government Free Car Repair Program.

This government has an aim that people will get safe and reliable transportation to go and from their work. This is because many of the entry-level jobs are located in the suburb and countryside areas. In those areas getting a means of public transport is not reliable and also it is not expected that you will get public transport to go there and to come from there. That’s why for the low-income families to go to their job they need a vehicle like a car as necessary transportation. If this type of case is present then the applicant can be eligible for the JARC program.

The funds are given by the Government Job Access and Reverse Commute Program so that they can assist or provide help to low-income individuals and families. With these funds, they help them with free car repair and cover transportation expenses that that low-income cannot afford. And it will help an individual to be prepared for being self-sufficient. Therefore, these funds are helpful for the people to maintain their employment status and assist them in critical situations. So, they will not feel panic or worried about the expenses for their transportation and car repairs.

This government not only focuses on the distance of the workplace but also gives priority to the time of work. Because in many cases it seems that distance does not matter but the late work matters. People work late-night, overtime, and not align with public transportation. Especially for women, single mothers who worked late at night and also work on weekends for their family, for them it is not easy to find public transport or a taxi at night. That’s why government much worry about women and their safety and they try to provide them a car so they did not face issues with transportation.

And the Government Job Access and Reverse Commute services help needy people with transportation. Many of the single mothers need to get money to buying a vehicle to go their job or for car repairs, and for this, they do work for more hours, late-night, or also work on weekends. In that condition, JARC come forwards to help the people and help them to solve their transportation issues. Even they also help them to maintain their employment and work peacefully.

In many other cases like employment-related trips with numerous destinations, including childcare facilities, or other services, the Government is always ready to help the people and that’s why they will assist people with such transportation requirements.

If you have a strict work schedule then it is impossible to handle going to multiple destinations with the use of public transport. Therefore, you will get assistance from the government for car repairs like new tires, repairs, maintenance, etc.

For getting the help you can look for non-profit organizations because the government provides funds to multiple non-profit organizations across the country so that people will get help from them. And that’s the reason that people will not get cash assistance directly from the government. So, whenever you need help with transportation, then you can apply with non-profit organizations and get help from them. But have to keep one thing that you have to meet their eligibility criteria only when you can get assistance from them for your car repairs. You can also see that some of the organizations provide JARC assistance a part of the program which is known as Ways to Work.

What are other options to get free money for car repairs?

If you want to get help from the JARC assistance program but it is not available in your state, then do not panic or take any tension, because the community action agencies and non-profit organizations will provide you other suggestions and maybe referrals to solve your transportation-related issues. They will make sure that you will get help for car repairs and other transportation problems. When you visit the agency or their office, the responsible person who is present there will give you other car repair or transportation assistance programs.

Many organizations provide help to people like churches, catholic charities, local Salvation Army centers, and many other organizations that help people with transportation. From these non-profit organizations, one can also get emergency financial aid for car repairs and transportation and automobile loans. But for receiving all these you should be a low-income individual. They also offer a low-cost loan to pay for car repairs. In this case, if you apply for the loan then you can get an automobile loan at a low rate of interest for your car repairs.

There are non-profit like the local Credit Union that may provide the funds so that you can for the emergency repair bills to go to a job. Some of the local banks are also lending money to low-income families and individuals so they can pay for various transportation costs. These transportation costs may include maintenance work, new tires, repairs, and many more. Even these programs are run with the collaboration of the federal government Job Access and Reverse Commute Program. So, they will provide help to the low-income individuals with their assistance programs in the emergency time.

Each organization and agency have their eligibility criteria that one has needed to fulfill and match with their requirements by the applicants. For example, they will provide 0% interest loans’ approval without checking their previous credit history. This condition is similar in many of the organizations and agencies to help them.

On the other hand, many organizations look for the applicant’s budget and overall financial condition before they provide or approve the 0% loan. To know more about how churches help with car repairs or other options to get free money for car repairs. So, you will get all the options from where you can apply for the free car repairs and transportation services and get help in your emergency times to pay bills.

National Car Repair Organizations

Not only do charities and churches help people with free car repairs and transportation assistance, but even many national agencies also provide Free Car Repairs and transportation assistance. They provide their services incorporating local mechanics and charities. So, you can get help in your nearby location and don’t need to go here and there for getting help. Let us see which are the agencies or organizations that provide their assistance services for car repairs and transportation assistance.

Working Cars for Working Families

The Working Cars for Working Families is a national agency and they work for helping individuals and families who are facing transportation troubles. Especially, for low-income families, who provide help financially or providing them used cars. They want that every low-income family who needs the transportation service will get help and for this, they help with many other local agencies so that people will get help from there instantly.

This national agency also provides help to people to get information on how and where one can ask for free auto repair assistance. To know more and get all information in detail you can check on their official website and get information for their services as well. Get free cars for needy people and families.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

There are very few people who know about the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) that provides free money for car repairs. Only one thing, that they provide money only for the specific problem of the car. So, when you need help with car repairs then you can look for the official website of NHTSA and find the recall options there.

After that click on it and enter the VIN of your vehicle. If your car does have the VIN, then you can take it to the dealership where you can see that your car will be fixed for free of cost. You need to fix your car but you don’t have money or you can’t afford it, then no worry. You can look for NHTSA’s official website and from there get assistance offer to fix your car.

1-800 Charity Cars Free car repairs

If you are a fortunate person, and you are capable to help someone, then you can donate your car here. The car that is old for you, or you don’t use for your work. This is the organization that accepts the old car donation, and later they provide those cars to the applicant who matched the eligibility criteria. Hence, they also help people to pay for car repairs.

From this organization, you will also get free money for your car repairs. But if they don’t have enough funds then they will give you a referral for the local mechanic, who is willing to fix your car for free of cost.

Ways to Work Free car repairs help

Ways to Work is a non-profit organization that provides help for transportation to people who need to go to their workplace or job, medical appointments, interviews, and many other emergencies. They also provide help by offering car repair financial help to people by giving them loans at a very low rate of interest. People can pay money to repair their car and they can use it to go to their workplace or at any other place and do their lots of work with the help of the car.

This non-profit organization also provides the JARC funds in their programs. So, if you are using this program or a part of this program then you cannot apply for the JARC fund separately. Not only this, but if you want to get a new car then they will also help you to buy a new car. To know more about them and get information about their program, you can call on (866) 252-7171.

Workforce Free car repairs Services

The Workforce is the national program that helps people to provide transportation to go their work. If you need any transportation service from them then you have to visit on their local office and ask for transportation assistance for you. They have all the information and they will give you all detailed information for Transportation Grants Program and free used cars. So, if you are qualified for their program then you can get help from them.

Imagine, that you are in a work-study program, job training, or finished a vocation training program, in that case, you can visit the Workforce office and know about the employment and benefits for that you will be eligible and get better help from them.

The Lift Garage Free car repairs Programs

This is a non-profit auto repair shop that helps people who are below the poverty line. They have an auto repair shop which always ready to help low-income families and individuals who need car repair assistance. So, if you need any transportation-related assistance then you can check for their official website and visit it and get all the information about their service and how they help you with transportation and auto repairs.

They provide free money car repairs as well. For receiving any aid from this organization, you have to need to verify your income and after that, you can get any help or assistance from them. If you are on WIC, TANF, SNAP, or SSI, then you have needed to prove that you receive these services.

Women to Work Free car repairs

In our society, not all families are household by men. Many families are household by women as well. Even most of the time it seems that they are alone bread earners in the house. And this organization works to support women and for this too and from transportation to work and for other many areas.

Even they also assist women with childcare, employment, clothes, closet, and free car repairs as well. To get more information and guidance, women can call on their support number 412- 742- 4362, and get all information for help.

Veteran’s Administration Free car repairs Help

There is a veteran’s administration that helps the veterans with some specialized vehicles that are useful for them. So, if you are a veteran with a service-based injury or you get an injury on duty, then they will help you to buy a specialized vehicle or equipment which is comfortable for you and make your life easy. They allow a one-time grant of $21488.29 and with this amount you can buy a specialized vehicle or an automobile. So, you can contact them, by visiting their office or on their official website.

Career Connection Free cars repairs assistance 

The career connection programs offer New Jersey-based transportation grants to work. They also provide discounts on automobile insurance, but they provide all these to those applicants and drivers who are qualified for this. This program is organized locally, so the people can get help in their area and they did not need to any anywhere for help. To know more and get full detailed information one can visit their official website.

All the above-mentioned organizations and foundations are nationally based. They work for helping the people who are single mothers or bread earner in the house, veterans with injuries, low-income families and individuals so that they can get help from them and make their life easy to do many works. They can get help financially for auto repairs, free used cars, automobile insurance with a low rate of interest, and many other services which will help them to fight with transportation issues of their life.

But for getting assistance from any of the foundation/ agency/ organization one have to meet their eligibility criteria and if they qualify then they will get assistance from them. For this, they can get information for their assistance from their official websites or visit their offices or make a call on their given numbers.

How Do Car Repair Grants Work?

Low-income people face varieties of problems in their lives and due to having low income, they can’t even fix them. For example, a free car for a single mother can help or support her to give them good and smooth transportation. For them, the federal government, various churches, and other non-profit organizations come forward to help and support such low-income people by their car repair financial assistance. The federal government has its own different car repair help programs to go for car repair.

Instead of government-funded car repair assistance for low-income programs, the other organizations are also there who are always ready to help and support low-income people to ensure that they can have smooth and easy transportation. If you feel that you are truly low-income and can’t afford such expenses as car repair then you can surely get car repair help. This car repair help can surely help to facilitate your life so that life goes well.

Car Repair Costs To Consider

The car repair cost may let you count thousands of dollars for a single repair. This can go beyond your budget and this may be a reason to get debt or loan. So there are some key issues on cars age, mileage.

  • When the car exceeds 12 years old, it is common to see the problem of the engine light. The repair cost of this item goes by $398.
  • Normally people have to pay for car repair from $500 to $600
  • When a car exceeds 25,000 mileages, then the average maintenance cost may come by $1400.
  • When there is an issue of bumper fault, you may pay $400 to $900.

How To Get Started With Application For Car Repair Financial Assistance

Every organization and agency that deal with car repair financial assistance may have different criteria to get started for application. When you are going to apply for this type of assistance, it is important to go through their eligibility criteria and other terms and conditions. These terms and conditions may make you ready flawlessly. Surely it is important to be flawless because any type of misinformation or excess information may disqualify your eligibility.

It is also true that every organization may have limited funding to help you. But it does not mean that you are deprived of this assistance. So you make up your story about why you need to get financial assistance to fix your car. This financial assistance may help you get back to normal life as you are disabled. Disabled people truly can make their movement easy with the help of a car. When you explain your tough and bad reality, then you will be shortlisted to provide any type of assistance, not that car. 

In the application process, you should add your income status, family members, assets, or other financial activities if needed. The application process may vary according to the need of the organization and you must fulfill all criteria indeed. 

But you don’t forget about the law, as it is a car and there are so many legal requirements such as knowledge on traffic rules, road safety law, insurance, tax and driving license. You need to be fit in these areas to make sure you follow the safe driving rules, which are safe for you and the whole community. 

Programs For Car Repair Help

Various organizations provide numerous programs from where you can ask for car repair help to ensure that you are on the road back. These can help or support you to get car repair grants. So, let’s discover such programs for car repair help. Read along.

  • The Department Of Human Services.

DHS stands for the department of human services. And it is a part of the federal government. This entity always helps and supports low-income and needy families. When you need car repair grants you may indirectly get car repair financial assistance. This department partners with TNAF who extends a variety of support such as food, clothing, and shelter. And also, there are cash advantages available that can be used to free money for car repairs. website

All you have to do is explain your requirement for car repair help. You can use your car for regular transportation to the office, attend the doctor’s appointment on time, drop and pick your kids from their schools. The portion of the money is used as free money for car repairs.

  • DMV

DMV stands for the department of motor vehicles. It helps low-income and needy people who want emissions-related car repair grants. These programs provide car repair assistance for low-income people who can’t afford such expenses. From these programs, there are two types of car repair assistance for the low income. The first one is free money for car repair(smog-related maintenance) and car repairs financial assistance for retiring gas guzzlers.

  • JARC

JARC stands for job access and reverses communication. It is run by the federal transit administration. The program JARC is highly-designed for those who need transportation in suburban and urban jobs. Here also there are two variants of car repair grants one of them is urbanized area formula grants and the other one is formula grants for rural areas.

  • Charitable Organization.

Charitable organizations are always ready to help needy people in different areas. Whenever you feel that your car needs repairing and this may be one of the easy places to go. As we know, charitable organizations get funds from various sources from other organizations and even the government also. After that, car repair financial assistance is assured to the needy people.

Their services may be limited as it is based on the availability of funds. Additionally, many local charitable organizations also provide free auto service to the needy and low-income people. And they also ensure that car repair grants service for the cars that are donated by rich people, towed, and broken. After that, these cars are given aways to eligible needy and low-income people.

  • Local Churches.

As we know, churches also come forward to help and support low-income and needy people by providing food assistance, rent assistance, cloth assistance, and different vouchers. But car repair help is an exception from the church faith-based community. But at some local community levels, there is some limited assistance for the funding of car repair grants. visit

  • Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is a well-known name for the grants and assistance programs for needy families. The Salvation Army works with organizations in association with different government programs. Additionally, they also provide free money for car repairs. You just have to contact them by visiting their local office or on their official website and get to know more about the car repair grants. If you find yourself eligible then fill up the application form and wait for the results with patience.

  • The Carpenter’s Garage.

It is a non-profit organization that provides car repair help and free money for car repairs. In this carpenter’s garage non-profit organization some volunteers work there and provide car repair help for low-income people. They have a belief in God that’s why they try to be helpful for the low-income people who can’t afford car repairs.

  • Workforce.

The workforce is popular for car repair assistance for low-income people. When you have planned to go for a long drive there are some chances to get stuck because of some faults in the car and then when you don’t afford to pay for the car repairing you may ask for car repair help from the workforce. Additionally, they provide car repair assistance for students who work part-time jobs. There are also some car repair grants programs, under this workforce organization.

  • NHTSA.

NHTSA stands for the national highway traffic safety administration. It also comes forward to support needy people who feel the requirement of car repair help. This department assists in car repair grants. Also, they have some specific criteria to get car repair assistance for low income and you should meet the criteria. To know more details about them visit the official website.

  • Lift Garage.

It is a non-profit shop that provides support to low-income people. But the lift garage shop is located in the state of Minnesota. If you live there then you are lucky as you get the car repair help. If you feel that your car requires repair then just ask this shop to get car repair grants. You have to show your income proof to them and explain if you are on TANF, SSI, and SNAP.

  • Women To Work.

If you are a working woman and getting tired of maintaining your family then you can get apply for government car assistance opportunities from here. Work to women is an organization that always stands to help the women who support their families.

  • Career Connection.

Career connection is a helpful place from where you can get car repair grants. In New Jersey, this program is highly available. Remember, it works only on career-related connections with other states. If you are living in New Jersey then google the location of your career connection and ask for car repair help. They will provide you with car repair grants.

  • CAP.

CAP stands for the consumer assistance program. It is another best way to take care of your car that enhances the air quality. If you are living in the state of California then you can get car repair grants for your car from them but they help when air emissions-related problems arise.


Nowadays vehicles are the basic need of life especially when you have a busy schedule. People may get the car for them but when it comes to the requirement of the car then many low-income families can’t afford it and after that, they can’t make their life easy going. For them, the government, non-profit organizations and other agencies help and support them by providing car repair grants. In this article, we have discussed car repair grants, how car repair grants work, and the programs that provide car repair help. Hope you get all the answers to your questions.  Free car repair financial assistance may be a big deal to make sure you can get back on track. Due to a single fault, you may not use your car. But these organizations are there to help you repair your car. For this, you should explain your need that can be so urgent. Also, you should make up your story that can make sure you truly are in a bad situation without a workable car. 

When you are searching for information and researching, you should contact the right place. There may be so many places that don’t deal with car assistance programs and you should be careful in this regard. Before taking any decision, you should know the terms and conditions of the organization as well. Thanks for reading.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • [sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h2″ question-0=”Does the Salvation Army Help with Car Repairs?” answer-0=”Ans. Salvation Army is the organization that stands beside the helpless people in a bad situation. As part of their assistance, they provide food, clothes, help with rent, a motel voucher for emergency shelter, and so on. This organization is ready to help you in any situation. For this, your car may also be fixed with the assistance of this organization and you may contact the local salvation office in your area. ” image-0=”460″ headline-1=”h2″ question-1=”Does crowdfunding work to manage this car repair financial assistance?” answer-1=”Ans. Surely your assistance may not be guaranteed from the above program. You may be eligible or get the assistance so easily but some may not get it at all due to any problem. This crowdfunding is another great program when those programs don’t work for you. If you don’t mind showing your face in the virtual community, you may manage car repair financial assistance so quickly. as it is an online platform, So you just approach with your story on why you need this assistance and share it with your audience online platform. This can work so fast as there are so many people on this platform who can help you get financial assistance to fix your car. On this platform, so many people are sharing their compelling stories and getting assistance in every sphere of life. ” image-1=”461″ count=”2″ html=”true” css_class=””]