Absolutely Free Car For Veterans {Apply Instantly}


How to get Free car for vets – There are free vehicles for vets available. This is a campaign to assist vets and make their life easy. We are all aware that the veterans force is huge in the United States of America. Vets force is number one in the world as of our sacrifice and courage of veterans. There are total 20 million veterans in the United States of America. So, there is a vehicles for vets campaign program to help them in the best possible way. As we understand that our female and male veterans have a huge issue when they discharged from their work and they are at home.

Their life is difficult to live as they find it difficult to go anywhere and they need help. We also celebrate 11 November as a veteran day but you will agree that this is not sufficient. We know that veterans are not right fit for high paid jobs or even they are unemployed. It is our moral responsibility to assist them in the best possible way and make their lives easy. They are the ones who have helped us to save our lives and we can at least donate cars to them and support them in the best possible way.

If you are disabled adult vet and wish to have a car then this post is for you. We assist you by offering a car or any other vehicle that you desire. We are going to discuss here how you can get a car for free as there are different campaigns run by charity organization, NPO, non-governmental organization and the state and federal government to help you get a free car so that you can live life peacefully and comfortably.

How to Donate Cars for Vets?

Thank you to those people who wish to donate their vehicles old or new ones. Even those individuals who wish to donate bikes, cars for vets or even boats. When you donate something from the bottom of your heart and you do it without any expectation that is the best donation and you will also get benefit in tax return as you are doing a noble cause. You may sell your vehicle and get money but the happiness of giving is different and makes you feel best and it teaches your kids the importance of generosity in life.

What are Vehicles for Vets?

There are several vets who are handicapped and may have to go to doctor every day. In this way, it becomes difficult for them to live the stressful life. There are several disabled

adults who come back home after the discharge and also have mental health problem. They don’t have money and live their life with stress.

Several vets commit suicide due to this reason. Even report says that last year, there were many vets who committed suicide. Free cars for disabled people campaign also run to help vets. Vehicles for vets program is rewarded as the most powerful program. If you wish to donate your car and help the vets then you can donate your car to vehicle for vets organization and if there is vet who wish to have a car can reach out to them.

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Vehicles for cars and vets for vets campaign started to help the vets and make their lives better. The government initiated the campaign to assist vets but not all vets got benefit from them. So, there are different non-profit organization, charity organization and free cars for charity who came forward and help vets with free cars. The government also support these organizations. Also, the one who donates gets a tax benefit.

The program is only for vets help and not for any other personal interest so you can also take part in the program and help vets who truly deserves to live a beautiful life. These vets leave everything behind and serve our nation and we must do something for them as a responsible and good citizen.

If you wish to donate your vehicle you can do that easily and help our vets. We will help you on how you may get a free car from charity firms such as cars for vets, the vehicle for veterans and also how you can donate your car. There are also different business idea through that veterans can earn money and lead a good life.

Types of vehicles for vets Donation Accepted

Here is a list of some categories of vehicles that you can donate for the vehicles for vets donation

  • Four wheels

You can donate your hatchback SUV, small car, taxi, sedan cars, trucks, sports car, minivans or whatever you wish to donate that will make the life of vets comfortable

  • Specialty vehicles

You can donate your old farm tool, old wheelchairs, snowmobiles, golf carts, lawn cutters and other specialty vehicle

  • Water vehicles

You must be having canoes, sailboats, Rodney, air boats, house boats, jet skis, fishing boats, yachts. You can also donate these vehicles to vets.

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  • Cargo vehicles

You might be having cargo vehicles such as small trucks, cargo vans, trailers, trucks, big cargo trucks, camping trailers and small vans. You can also donate these vehicles to the vets and they will be happy to have them.

  • Two wheelers

You must be having motorcycles, old bicycles, scooters, family cargo bike, electric bikes. You can also donate them to vets.

You must have all the original documents of vehicles prior you donate them to vets. Also, there should be no usage of cars in any sort of criminal activity. You must follow steps to donate the car to vets.

Schedule free pick up service

During the call, you might ask your preferred time to pick up your vehicle, date and exact address. You must tell the charity organizers exact details as they will offer free pick up service. You don’t have to pay any amount for the scheduled pick for the vet donation of your car. The only thing is to be present at the place when there is pickup time. Due to heavy work if pickup gets delayed in that case please cooperate with the organizers and they will tell you in prior about it.

Contact charity

Once you decide that you are going to donate your car then you should call charity organization. They will ask you a few details about the car such as mileage, car year,  model, vehicle number, any specific details and your home address and contact number. You should give the exact information in cars for vets application.

Receive tax-deductible receipt

The charity organization takes care of the tax-deduction receipt and it is their responsibility to send you the details. Mostly, they will send the details on your mail. But you might have to remind them during the call process about the tax-deductible receipt. When your car is given to vet under the program car for vets that time they might mail you the receipt.

Best Charities That Donate Cars To Veterans

If you are a donor who wish to donate your vehicle to real heroes of America then you must reach out to the organization for donation and help them so that they will live a peaceful life. Some of the charities that donate cars to vets are:

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  • Disabled American Veterans (DAV)

Disabled American Vets or DAV is also named as NPO that helps individual vets and their families who defended the countries in several ways. There are about seven lakh people who serve vets. They help them in the best possible way by offering jobs, resources and financial assistance that will help the vets to live life. Here are some of the advantages that vet gets under different programs that include free cars for vets are:

  • Homeless vets initiative program
  • Vets child education program
  • Mobile service office that travels in the town and other communities that make vets aware about what the firm provides them
  • Disaster relief grant for vets
  • Informational seminar and lectures to educate their families and vets and their needs and services
  • All services offered by Disabled American vets are free and don’t need any kind of enrolment fees for participation.


  • Blinded Veterans Association

There is a blinded veterans association or BVA that was found in 1945 at the end of world war II. There were total 100 people and they assist the blind vets and offers them different services and program that are:

  • They gather individuals in small number and learned and discuss about medical assistance, treatments, rehabilitation and other subjects of awareness
  • They assist women and men who have visual impairment and blind under operation peer support
  • They spread details in receivers and donors on how to deal with blind vets
  • They provide scholarships to kids, grandchildren and spouse of blind vets for education.
  • The scholarships are given for a year and kids are selected as per grades
  • The program under which they help vets and the public to increase awareness about blind vets through conventional media, personal contact and technology.
  • Vietnam Veterans of America

There is a program called Vietnam vets of America that is a Non-profit organization started in 1978. They offer assistance to the vets of Vietnam and their families.

The primary objectives are:

  • Change the people thinking about the Vietnam vets
  • Support and create a new identity for the coming generation of vets
  • Promote all the requirements of Vietnam vets

They have made different bodies to improve the life of Vietnam vets and provide cars for vets that are:

  • Homeless veterans committee

They are known to provide housing stabilization to the vets under housing programs and make their life better and put end to the vets living conditions who stay on the streets.

  • Economic Opportunities committee

They provide financial assistance to the vets so that they can position themselves in the private or public sector or even start their own business. If there are any injured vets, then they cannot live life as normal. So, Vietnam vets of America is an organization that makes sure to help them in the best possible way and put efforts to make their life comfortable.

  • New England Center and Home for Veterans

New England Center or NECHV and home for vets is the organization that offers a free car to vets. They are the private source provider who come forward to assist the families and vets who are homeless. They donate cars to vets under a car donation program and as per data, they are non-profit organization who have offered home to 350 vets every night and every year and they help vets offering more than 1 lakh resident meals.

The organization has to work to offer shelter to more homeless vets. They will fulfil their aim and they provide different services that assist individuals to reintegrate in the society and get jobs and become financially independent. The organization also support different programs related to employment, education, housing, and clinical support. They are there to help vets 24*7. The firm was founded in 1989 and provided 59 apartments, an evolution dormitory for women with 300 emergency beds and 17 beds.

  • Purple Heart Foundation

The purple heart foundation is the organization that is NPO and provides free cars for vets. They assist in the best possible way to vets to live a normal life and they make sure to raise funding and resources to support the vets through different services and programs. They support vets under various assistance programs and ensures that individuals who help also gets benefited from the program. They are one among the best organization who donate cars in the list.

The organization was found in 1957 and they offer counsel, advocacy, and support to the warriors who have sacrificed their lives for the nation. When the vets come back home from the battlefield, they have to face emotional, physical and financial problems. To fight with all of them, the organization assist the soldiers for a smooth change. You should donate whatever you can in this organization so that vets will get help.

You can help the organization through different assistance. There are different programs run by them such as scholarships, education opportunities, employment training, disability compensation, pensions, hospitalization, rehabilitation and other things. The organization also donates vehicles for vets. The process is simple, quick, free and easy and it provides tax benefit to the donor too. Vets will get car of their dreams through the vehicles for vets program and they can also try the salvation car donation program.

How to Receive Free Vehicles for Vets?

We all understand how difficult to live without a vehicle on a place where there is no access to transportation. So, helping vets for free cars is necessary. We assist vets to get a free boats and free cars. These vehicles help them in many ways and make their life smooth. If there is a veteran who is disabled then the car is good for going to hospital. If someone wishes to start their business then a small truck for pickup is the best option for them.

Free cars for charity also provides taxi to vets so that they can run their livelihood. Also, farm tools such as tractor, trailer so if they wish to do farming they can do it. Vet can also start their food truck business that will provide them good money from less investment. Vets should tell in their application that what kind of vehicle they are expecting and what is the purpose of having the car.

When the charity gets your requirement then vehiclesforveterans.org is responsible to provide you free vehicles. It is always best to donate your vehicles to bring smile on the face of our brave vets. When vets contact us, we try to help them as quickly as possible.  If you face any difficulty then don’t forget to reach out to us.


The organization are coming up with different programs that will make the life of vets easy. You can also come forward and become donor if you want. They are doing great work without any expectation. If you are looking for any kind of help then you can directly reach out to these organizations and they will help you in the best possible way.

Vets are important part of the country and it is our duty to help them as they protect our nation and serve the country. We must help them in the best possible way and help them. Offering a car to these vets is making their life hassle-free. They might be facing a lot of issues that we are also not aware of and we must protect them and stop them from committing suicide or anything so donating a car is the best option. Once they get car, they can live a normal life, meet people, do something and keep themselves busy. They can also go in nature and enjoy their life. After all vets too have a right to life and they must enjoy their life and we must help them to overcome their fears and pain in the best possible way.