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Free government tablets anyone can apply- Instant delivery 7 days

It is known to all that tablets are expensive devices and for lower-income families, it is difficult to afford them. But for their work or study, they need it. However, because of the cost, they cannot afford it. That’s why many governmental and non-government organizations come forward to help them. They organize different programs to help low-income families and individuals and provide them with free government tablets that fulfill the criteria.

If you are one of those low-income families and individuals who need the free government tablet then you can read out this article. Because from this article, you will get informative details on how you can get free government tablets for low-income families. One just has need to meet the requirements and fill out the correct information in the application form and submit the form before its deadline. Even one can get help from churches as well as from non-profit organizations.

How do get free government tablets for low-income families?

If you are a low-income individual and need a free government tablet then you can here are some top ways are given. But before applying for them one needs to check for their eligibility criteria. These ways are:

Government websites:

You can see that government provides lots of things to people from time to time including free tablets. For this, lots of government websites stay updated and provide information about the schemes that the government offers for helping people. However, someone people think that they will get a free laptop as well from the government. One can get a free laptop from the government as well, but for this, they have to apply for a free laptop from the government when the government offers this scheme.

Non-profit organizations:

People who need tablets for their work or education can contact non-profit organizations like churches and NGOs. However, these are getting subsidies from the government, so you can get the free tablet from there. But sometimes the stocks are limited and because of the high demand for free tablets they were out of stock and because of this lots of people stay deprived of free tablets. But if someone contacts them they can get a free tablet.

Document required if you qualify through another federal government program

Here is the list of documents given that are required if you qualify through another federal government program, and these are:

  1. Show the document of disability benefits from Social Security (SSD).
  2. Show the document of Social Security Income (SSI).
  3. For financial assistance programs such as GA, TANF, and others (a dated letter showing current eligibility is required).
  4. Foster care for a longer period.
  5. For food assistance (a dater letter showing current eligibility is required).
  6. Show the document for free or reduced lunch program of the National School Lunch Program Minimal Residential Energy Support Program.
  7. Show the document for Medicaid/ Medicare or Medical support (bring a paper that says “MA” or “Medical Assistance” on it) for a head start.
  8. Behavioural Health Case Management for Adults and children.
  9. For services finding work (only if income-based in your state).
  10. Section 8 of the federal Pell Grant, New Federal Housing Subsidies, or Group Domestic Housing are all options (GRH).

All these documents one has to submit if qualified through another federal government program.

Documents you need for free government tablets

If you want to get the free tablet from the government, then for this you needed some documents to submit. These documents are listed below to help you:

  • The applicant’s residence proof.
  • The applicant has to submit income proof or pay stubs.
  • The applicant has to give his contact information.
  • Submit the income proof or information about the student.
  • The applicant has to submit all the documents that show their eligibility.
  • A picture ID of the applicant is required.

All these documents are required when you apply for a free government tablet.

Document required if you qualify through income

The list of documentation is given below:

  • A social security benefit statement
  • Statement of benefits for unemployment/compensation workmen’s
  • A declaration of benefits from the VA
  • A declaration of benefits for retirement/pension
  • The state, federal, or tribal tax return from the previous year
  • Declaration of involvement in general assistance from the federal government or a tribe.

A document that is required if you qualify through a disability

IF someone has a disability then they have to be documented with paperwork from a government source.

How do get free tablets for low-income families from charities and non-profit organizations?

Low-income families and people can get a free tablet from charities and non-profit organizations. One can get free tablets from different initiatives. Such as:

The program’s name is “Lifeline”.

The lifeline program is the one that provides help with the free tablet to everyone whether they belong to any state, tribal brand, and territory resident. Students can get help from different programs of the lifeline that help them to get free computers and tablets for their education. One just needs to fill out the application form for the lifeline program and take benefit from them.

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Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is a non-profit charitable organization. You can go to their official website if you need free tablets or computers. This is an organization that helps people who did not afford things like furniture, clothes, and other things. They will examine your financial situation if you meet with criteria then you can fill out the application to get a free tablet.

How to fill application form for free tablets for low-income families?

When you fill out the application make sure that you fill in the correct information and attach the correct documents. Along with this, make sure that you fill in all the required information that is updated. IF you make any mistake in the application form then your application will be rejected.

How are free government tablets helping low-income people?

People who come under the low-income category will get some special benefits from the government. The government works with churches and NGOs as well and distributes Medicines to needy people also. To get a free tablet one just needs to apply for the free government tablet and fill out the complete application form with required documents and information and then wait for the results.

What are the best companies that offer government-free tablets?

Various companies are available that offer government-free tablets including:

  • org
  • org is a company that helps families, children, and instructors with free and subsidized tablets along with the internet and some special software.
  • The Computer Technology Support Corps is a non-profit that provides free tablets to those who need financial assistance and others.
  • The Accelerated Schools Organization offers help with free tablets to needy people.
  • Computers for Education Refurbished tablets and desktops are available for schools, universities, and colleges.
  • Everyone is a people-helping program. They give away free tablets, internet access, computers, and courses. Their annual salary did not more than $35,000.

Frequently Asked question

Some questions and answers are given below that are related to free government tablets.

Do free tablet providers offer reliable customer care?

Do free tablet providers offer reliable customer care

However, it depends on the institution or organization from where you receive the tablet. You can find that Lifeline offers the best customer service to its recipients. So, if you get it from small non-profit organizations, then you will find reputable clients and it will also become challenging for you.

Are there any restrictions on a lifeline?

Are there any restrictions on a lifeline

There are limitations to getting a free laptop from the lifeline. Only one person from a family can get a free laptop. One can get a free laptop only when he fulfills all its requirements. For this, they need to meet all their eligibility requirements as well as fill out the complete application form. However, you did not choose which laptop you require. The guidelines may differ depending on the Lifelines with which you work or follow to get a free laptop.

Are free tablets free?

Are free tablets free

Indeed, lots of state government decides that they offer a free laptop, tablet, or computer to students who need them. Yes, these free laptops/tablets/computers are entirely free, you did not have to pay a single penny for them. The only thing that one has to do is complete and fill out the application form with the correct information and required documents.

Can I upgrade my government-free tablet?

Can I upgrade my government-free tablet

IF you want to upgrade your free tablet, then it entirely depends on the institution or organization from which you received it. Because lots of small organizations do not offer the upgrade option for free tablets, on the other hand, some organizations offer this option.

How do get a free tablet for seniors?

How do get a free tablet for seniors

Senior people are also eligible to get a free tablet. They can get it from various churches and non-governmental organizations, as they started this initiative. If you want to get the advantage of this perk, then you have to contact these organizations directly to get a free tablet for seniors.

How can I get a free tablet with Medicaid?

How can I get a free tablet with Medicaid

One can get the free tablet with Medicaid if he gets benefits from it. However, it varies from one institution to another. You can see that many small organizations like churches and non-profits did not offer the free tablet in conjunction with Medicaid.

How can I get a free government tablet?

How can I get a free government tablet

IF you fulfill all the eligibility criteria and complete the application form then you can get a free government tablet. When the program is open then you have to make sure that you fill out the application form as soon as possible before the deadline.


Hopefully, you get the information from this article to get the free government tablet. You just need to fill out the application on time and with the required documents. Make sure that you fill out the correct information in the form so that your application will not be rejected by them. People who come from low-income families or need free tablets can apply for free government tablet

Churches that help the homeless people in Emergency

There are lots of people who have to suffer in their life just because of financial issues. Some people are unemployed, then some face job loss, then some people are a victim of domestic violence, and lots of other people face problems in their life.

The main problem is because of the financial problems they have to face homeless as well. Even some people face homeless because of natural disasters as well.

At that time government and many non-profit organizations come forward to help those needy people. They provide them help with food assistance, clothes, furniture, and housing as well. You can see that lots of churches also come in front to help people.

Even getting help from the church is easier than looking for other sources. Because churches offer help immediately if they have enough sources to help people. One can get help from churches to recover from the homeless.

In this article, you see that there are lots of churches that offer help to homeless people. They offer them help with temporary as well as permanent shelter or housing. The best thing is they provide shelter and other assistance to people who are low-income, elder, domestic violence victims, people who lose their homes because of natural disasters, and others as well. So that no one will face more problems in their life. So you can read and continue and get help from them with shelter if you are needy.

How to find churches that help the homeless

You can see that churches are always ready to help people with the things that they need. However, churches work along with different community centers so that they can help people more and more. These are the faith-based organizations that help people with food assistance as well as provide protection by providing them shelter assistance.

When you search on the internet for helping the organization, then you will find lots of non-profit organizations. Along with this, you will find that these organizations are situated near to you and as well as churches that help the homeless.

You can read continue because here is a complete list of non-profit organizations and churches are given below that offer help to needy people. These are:

Homeless shelter:

This program works for helping people who recently face homelessness or were displaced. They come under the emergency category that’s why they get shelter under this program.

The Salvation Army:

Salvation Army is the number one and best non-profit organization as this organization always stand to help needy and poor people in their hard time. This organization also works for providing shelter and assistance to those people who need a house permanently or temporarily.

Permanent housing support:

If someone needs permanent housing then they will get help from the Salvation Army. However, the organization offers permanent housing to those elderly whose spouses or children leave them.

Transitional housing:

When someone is facing financial problems in his or her life, jobless, or a victim of domestic violence then they can get help with transitional housing. Even they can contact them and get food assistance as well as furniture from them.

Churches united:

As you know that churches always help needy people. One of those churches is the Churches United. However, this is an organization that helps people by providing them with food and shelter who are homeless. This is an umbrella organization and believes that everyone needs to get a chance to heal.

The main motto of this organization is to engage people in work and give them a better future. Even to help needy people, lots of people donate money and things to them. When you need any assistance and also become homeless then without any hesitation you can look for them and contact them to get help.

The Window:

The window is a faith-based organization that believes that even homeless people should have a bank account so that they will get help from the government directly. The best thing about them is that they provide shelter to homeless people as well as provide education to their children.

The continuum of care homeless assistance program:

Churches also always help people who are in dire need so that they did not face more problems in their life. The continuum of care is one of those best churches that provide permanent and transitional housing. They have a strong network to provide their help to needy people. However, if you need help from them then for this, you have needed to show extensive documents that prove your homelessness.

Harmony United Methodist Church:

Harmony United Methodist Church provides free camping shelter and food assistance to homeless people. Not only this, but one can also get free coffee and doughnuts as well that are donated. Their demand is rising as homelessness because after the pandemic this is at its peak. Even people know those churches that offer shelter to people in their emergency time.

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First United Methodist Church:

Earlier, the First United Methodist Church provides free breakfast to needy people through community centers. But after the pandemic, they start to provide shelters to homeless people as well.

Frequently Asked questions

Some recently asked questions are given below that can help you.

How can I get help with shelter?

How can I get help with shelter

If you are a person who is homeless and needs shelter then you can go to your local area church. You can go there and ask for help with housing. Even you may fulfill some of their requirements and show documents that prove your homelessness.

Can homeless people get help from church?

Can homeless people get help from church

Yes, churches are the ones that are always ready to help needy people in their emergencies time. If someone needs help then they can contact with church authority and get help with shelter as well as food assistance from them.

Can churches provide help to get shelter?

Can churches provide help to get shelter

Churches are faith-based places where people will get help for anything. Whether it is cash, food, clothes, and housing. Even if you are a homeless person with a family and need a housing facility then without any hesitation you can ask for help from the church and get help with shelter from there.


Now, you see that there are lots of churches that offer to help people by providing them temporary as well as permanent shelter. Even churches also help people with financial assistance, food, clothes, and furniture. So that if you need help with anything then you can contact churches and gets help from them. However, you have to show your documents of homelessness to get assistance from them.

Wireless Free Tablet—Fill out the application online & get it

Today’s technology and communication are the most important aspects of our lives. Without these, you cannot develop your work. Technology and communication have become indispensable aspects of our lives in recent years, particularly in the aftermath of the epidemic. Even the most vital aspects of life such as education and employment it is adopted as an online code of behavior.

However, everyone can not afford such expensive ways of communication as mobile phones, tablets, computers, and other many devices.

There provide Qlink Wireless free tablet services to the low-income folks who cannot buy this. You can obtain the most advanced telecommunication functions with this tablet. And you can even find many other programs where people can get government-free tablets with an online application form.

And this US-based firm is one of the fastest-growing digital firms. And they provide lots of communication services such as data, unlimited calling, and texting among others. This free tablet helps you for developing your education.

How to get a free Qlink Wireless Tablet

If you are a member of Lifeline or the emergency broadband benefit program you must get a free Qlink wifi tablet.

Because Qlink wireless provides both lifeline and ebb services.

As a lifeline client, you get free from link wireless: Lifeline is a federal government aid program that provides free vital communication services to low-income homes or individuals and includes free tablets if you are lucky you can get them. But it is for that person who cannot buy tablets. They belong to very low-income families and they have needs.

As an ebb client you can get a free link wifi tablet: As an ebb client, you must apply and wait for approval to receive a free link wifi tablet.

You can place an order and you must pay $10.01 within 30 days after being accepted. And after that, you can wait for the link wifi free tablet to arrive in 6 to 8 weeks.

How can I qualify for a free Qlink Wifi Tablet?

If you want a free qlink wifi tablet there are some criteria and eligibility for getting ting a tablet. But in certain states, eligibility is not consistent. As a result, before you apply for a free Qlink Wireless tablet first you can double-check your state’s eligibility requirements. Some eligibility conditions are universal and different throughout all states. Regardless of your state, there are several methods to qualify for Qlink Wireless.

  • Member of the emergency broadband benefit.
  • If your income is less than 135 percent of your federal poverty level.
  • Recipient of any type of federal assistance. Medicaid, food stamps, low-income home energy assistance, temporary help for needy families, federal public housing assistance program national school assistance program, veterans and survivors pension benefit, and others are examples of these programs.
  • Recipient of a federal Pell grant for the current academic year.
  • If you have been losing a significant amount of money since February 2020.
  • If you are unemployed,
  • Finally, you are only eligible if you are 18 years old or older.

And their eligibility which is required to get a Free qlink wifi tablet.

What documents are required for the free Qlink Wifi Tablet?

Many documents are required for the free Qlink Wifi Tablet; some of them are given below:

  • An official document or birth certificate that proves you are above 18 years.
  • An official document that proves your participation in the federal aid program.
  • An official document that shows the loss of your significant income.
  • An identity card like state or national identification, driving license, passport, or any other kind of identification.
  • An official document that helps you to prove that your income is equal to or less than the government guideline of 135 percent. For example, a pay stub or a tribal state, or federal tax return.

How can I apply for a free Qlink Wifi Tablet?

New and existing users can apply for a free QLink Wifi Tablet, by visiting the official website or by contacting the customer service department. Along with it, Emergency Broadband Benefits are also included in this. But the most important thing is how to fill Qlink wireless free tablet application form online.

According to Qlink Website, the customers have to pay a $10.01 co-pay for getting the free tablet. However, Qlink Wireless users can receive a $10.01 discount credit, so that their tablet will be completely free.

Wireless Plans from Qlink

Those customers who subscribe to Qlink’s basic lifeline plan can get unlimited texts, data, and phone minutes without any cost. Every month, this Qlink Wireless Always On Plan gives free smartphone service, that includes:

  • 3 Gigabytes of internet data
  • Texting is unlimited
  • 1,000 minutes of discussion time

What is the purpose of the lifeline program?

This program is a federal government benefit program that offers critical communication services that are generally free or at a reduced fee, for those people who have low income and households.

In the 1980s, the Federal Communications Commission launched a lifeline for those people whose income is low so that they can get the subsidized or free landline phone service. In 2005, Lifeline added wireless phone services so that it will be confirmed that those people whose income is low, can access basic wireless services.

Qlink Wireless is the quickest growing Lifeline provider that provides services to qualified persons all over the United States of America. Though, in every state, the eligibility is different for getting a free government smartphone.

What are the advantages of a Qlink lifeline and EBB program if I qualify?

If someone is qualify for the Qlink lifeline and EBB program then they will get lots of advantages, including:

  • SIM card for free.
  • Messages in pictures are unlimited.
  • Cell phone service is available for free or at a reduced rate.
  • The opportunity to maintain your phone number- a new tablet.
  • Call, message, and data for unlimited.
  • There are no commitments, monthly payments, or fees.
  • Activation is completely free.

The models Qlink Wireless is giving away a free tablet

Qlink Wireless provides free tablets to their qualifying consumers, however, these tablets are not completely free, but you save lots of amounts. During the application process, you must pay a 10.01 co-pay. The tablets provided by Qlink Wireless have various features like Webcam, Wi-fi connectivity, and a microphone.

Those customers who are qualified will get one of the following tablet models that are given below:

  1. Samsung Galaxy Tab S7
  2. Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 2 8″ Ruggedized Tablet, Black
  3. 2020 Apple iPad – Space Gray (8th generation)
  4. Apple 12.9- inch iPad Pro 2021- Space Gray
  5. New Microsoft Surface Go 2 – Platinum (Latest Model)
  6. LG G Pad 5 -4GB LTE Unlocked Tablet
  7. Lenovo Tab M10 Plus Tablet
  8. Fire HD 10 Tablet + Amazon Standing Case (Sandstone White)

Frequently Asked Questions

Some most asked questions are given here along with their answers.

How do I get my free tablet with Qlink?

How do I get my free tablet with Qlink

If people want to get a free tablet with Qlink then they have to co-pay for $10.01. However, according to the Qlink website, Qlink Wireless users can receive a $10.01 discount that makes their tablet complete free of cost.

How long does it take to receive a Qlink free tablet?

How long does it take to receive a Qlink free tablet

During 6-8 weeks one can get the free tablet.

Does the Qlink tablet have unlimited data?

Does the Qlink tablet have unlimited data

Yes, Qlink Wireless provides unlimited data monthly for free under the EBB or Lifeline program.

Does the Qlink tablet have a hotspot?

Does the Qlink tablet have a hotspot

It depends on the Qlink tablet’s version. However, presently it does not offer a hotspot with its services.

Can I replace a Qlink-free tablet?

Can I replace a Qlink-free tablet

Qlink does not provide any replacement feature on its official website. But one can presume that replacement rules for cheap EBB tablets are close to or replacement requirements of the mobile devices.

Does Qlink Wireless provide smartphones?

Does Qlink Wireless provide smartphones

If someone is qualified then they can get free cellphones through the lifeline program.



So, if someone need the free tablet then they can apply for it with Qlink Wireless. But it is make sure that they fill the application for it on time and submit the application with proper information and documents. However, they will not eligible for only free tablet, but can also get free internet and wifi connection.

Get free high school diplomas online at No Cost for Adults!

Getting free diplomas is better for those students who cannot complete study for any reason. Here now we are talking about how to get free high school diplomas online without any cost for adults. Sometimes many people leave their studies due to different reasons.

And some others joined work urgently and many others left studies some financial problems. But when you want to do something in your job life, you have to need your certificates for the showcase. So for that, some adults need to complete their degrees and also need a certificate in hand.

But at the same time, some financial thing comes in between. However, lots of organizations and free schools across the world offer free high school diplomas online for an adult, now these days. And most of these courses are available for free. When you plunge into getting admitted to a course, before you have to need to know about a few things.

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Let’s continue and check how one can get free high school diploma online at no cost for adults.

Which one to choose: a free high school diploma or a GED diploma?

For those who want to give a start to their career again after a gap of many years in their studies the option of either a free high school diploma or a GED diploma is available for the individuals to choose. But it depends on the time and effort they put in. It’s never too late to start a fresh journey towards studies. You can resume it anytime as per your preferences.

Anyone can get a GED diploma easily but it doesn’t have a far-fetched effect anywhere in the world. On the other hand, a high school diploma is more beneficial as it is equivalent to a private school diploma, and you can get admission to any college across the county with this diploma. Therefore, it depends upon your requirements which one you choose for your bright future and your good employability. As a student, while studying you may need a laptop or a tablet for your studies, you may check one of the government sites for free laptops (free tablets from the government 2022).

Things you should consider while choosing free high school diplomas in adults school:

Resuming study or diplomas in high school is not that easy after all these years in school but it is necessary for getting good employment to make your future bright. The next four years of high school will be full of fun and enjoyment.

You may get nervous at some points, but the time during high school is overwhelming and superbly enjoyable. So, here we have prepared some tips for you to choose a good adult school.

Visit the campus:

Before taking admission to any institute you must have to visit the place as you may get to see a lot of things that you may ignore while talking on phones with administrators or while reviewing through online modes. You may get reviews directly through students as you may find other students in the cafeteria and you can ask them about their real experiences.

This will help you in making your decision. Visiting campus can give you a wonderful insight into the institution, the adult study program, and also the teachers. Most importantly, you may get to know about the secrets of the institution from your newfound friends that the institution will not tell you.

Suit your requirements or not?

You have analyzed the institute including is it be fitted with your requirements or not? You may have set a few criteria regarding your courses or regarding your future employ ability, but then you are looking for the institute that suits your criteria list. You need to know whether the institute offers you the abroad level facilities or facilities that work best for students. Also, you need to know about the level of pressure that you have to bear during your studies including how much capable you are to bear that pain? Every student looks for the best options regarding placement and internships that make their future secure.

Consult with your friends and family:

These days online reviews for anything can be deceitful and may mislead you. But, if you consult with your family for reviews about anything you will never be cheated and get clear reviews that will guide you. Besides, explaining about the institute they will tell you directly whether you can handle the pressure of the institute or not. This type of clarity, you won’t be able to get from any online review platform. So, always try to ask your friends and relatives about the adult schools or colleges. These people can come up with wonderful suggestions that will help you in making your decisions.

Is the school socially active?

Studying alone cannot give you great exposure to the world. To be socially active you have to attend extracurricular activities and every school patronizes such activities for students’ development. Is the school placed near a market? Is the town around your school good enough? Can you find every necessary thing here? The answer to these questions is Yes, all these things are available there and must for social exposure.

May I get a course for free here?

After the Covid-19 situation, free online educational platforms are on boom. A lot of online classes are there in the market which is free of cost. Tuition-free online education is on the recent hype in the market. A lot of colleges and institutes offer free courses for students’ development and growth. These institutions look for bright students and when they get some, they allow those students with their free courses as they don’t want students to leave their studies in between to make students industry-ready they offer free courses.

What is the financial scenario?

You all must know that before taking admission that the school offers an on job study setup or whether you can expect internships once the course gets over. This is important, especially for those students who can’t afford even a certain sum of money, and for that, they need to do an internship. Therefore, before investing your time and efforts in school, you just need to analyze whether the school offers you a great return on your investment or not. For getting perfect internships near you, you have to check the surrounding companies and shops in your locality to know about that they offer internships or not.

How much money is required for the course?

After the Covid-19 situation, free online educational platforms are on boom. A lot of institutes want adults to resume their courses for free. In the traditional schools, you may have to pay a little bit of the extra free for extra courses if you enroll in them and you may not get the courses for free. But now, there are a lot of options available for free courses and government-backed schools are available where the course fee is zero. You only have to study with them and get the certificate in your name easily.

Can I go for online high school classes?

Yes, online high school diploma classes for adults are easily available everywhere. If you get admission to a university-backed institute, it can be beneficial for you. There is a wide range of these diplomas available and you can choose as per your preference but the only thing is you have to pay a little more for these courses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some faqs are given related to “Get free high school diplomas online at No Cost for Adults.”

How one can get a high school diploma for free?

How one can get a high school diploma for free

If there is any adult who wants to continue their study but did not have proper money then they can get a diploma for free online. They just need to follow the instructions so that they will get proper help for getting a free high school diploma online.


Hopefully, you get all the important points from here that will help you to get proper study and without any cost. It is because education is the asset that can make a person rich. After all, they get skills and can do the job. But many adults leave their education in mid and that’s why they have to face problems in their life.

However, if an adult wants to continue their study then they can get a free high school diploma if they follow all the rules and regulations that are mentioned above.

Does Medicaid cover braces or not! Updated Complete info

Before knowing more about Medicaid and its coverage area you must need to know the answer to one question. “Does Medicaid covers braces?” The answer is Yes, but somewhere it provides braces for children and sometimes for adults.

Now, this allowance varies from state to state, and before you know more about it. You have to contact the medical department of your state to know whether Medicaid covers braces for adults or not in your state. If you are asking this for children then the answer is YES! So, your child can get all the benefits under this scheme.

Let’s read continue and get proper information about the scheme and how one can get benefits from it.

What is Medicaid all about?

We know that most of you didn’t know about Medicaid. Here, is the answer, Medicaid is a very popular program that is launched and funded by the government. It is for the people who need medical care. It ensures that every eligible adult, elderly adult, pregnant woman, child, and people with any type of disability receive adequate medical attention at the time of need.

These medical facilities in Medicaid are not free of cost but it offers very affordable prices for this who have monetary issues. This program is launched for people who belong to a low-income range and are unable to pay high charges. This program makes sure that everyone gets his deserved portion of the medical aid.

Every person wants every type of facility in their life. Those who come under the cover of Medicaid can expect EPSDT services from the government’s end. Here, EPSDT stands for Early and Periodic scanning, Diagnosis, and Treatment. Chillers who are under dental care coverage in this program can expect regular dental checkups from expert dental surgeons.

They will get regular checkups under this program including teeth cleaning facilities, proper maintenance of their teeth, pain management, information management, restorative tooth care, and many more.

For the braces facility please check your Medicaid cover that your family’s health scheme covers the Medicaid facility for your children or not. Sometimes, you might get surprised to know that your Medicaid plan covers dental services as well for your kids. This happens only if your kid is inevitably in need of those braces, and you are unable to afford them. Under such conditions, Medicaid provides braces facilities for children. But only children under the age of 21 are converted under Medicaid. You can book a slot with experts to know more about braces whether your scheme covers those or not.

Ask your orthodontics First! Does Medicaid Cover Braces?

Firstly, you need to know is there a need for braces for your child. Consult your orthodontics first about whether your child needs braces. There are many reasons for the development of need for the braces, and those can be revived for sure. Here, we list a few popular reasons for your convenience.

  • In case your child has normally chewing or eating issues, he may need the braces for sure.
  • In case your child is unable to open his mouth properly due to structural jaw issues, then he may need the braces.
  • If your child has cleft palate or speech impediment issues, then he may need braces.
  • In case he has an extreme overbite, cross bite, or under its issues, then also he may need braces.
  • If he has hereditary Hypodontia, then he must need braces.

There are many more reasons except these for those you’re a dental surgeon may prescribe braces.

If you carry the braces with full ease then it’s magical for you as they work like a wonder. Before choosing any braces for your child you must know the pros and cons of each type of braces.

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Benefits of Braces:

When your orthodontics prescribed that your child needs to wear braces then you should buy one for your child. Braces will not only help in the alignment of the crooked teeth but it has much more benefits which are as follows:-

  • Braces will help your child to learn how to chew properly as the correct bite is an essential thing to earn in early life.
  • Sometimes, you may find that your child is not able to speak properly, and has speech issues. It happens maybe of wrong teeth alignment. You must consult with the right orthodontist for the right alignment.
  • In case your child has crooked teeth and gum problems due to gum issues, it may be tougher for your child to clean his teeth properly. But with braces, he can easily clean his teeth and after that, the gums problem may also be reduced to some extent.
  • In case, your child has problems like protruding teeth, chipping or teeth grinding. With the help of braces, your child will be safe from these problems.

Therefore, if your child has any issues regarding teeth must consult with an orthodontist and finally end up having his braces.

Which type of Braces Do you need?

When your orthodontist confirmed that your child has to wear braces for the perfection of their teeth, you need to know which type of braces you should buy?

There are three types of braces available in the market, and you should know which one fits your case in terms of money and suitability. Ask your dental surgeon clearly and frankly about the braces as every type of brace has its pros and cons. You need to choose as per your suitability and budget. To know more, please go through the popular type of braces.

Lingual Braces:

Lingual braces are best for those who are concerned about their looks while wearing braces. Lingual braces are placed at the backside of the teeth and making him quite concealed from the world. But the biggest problem with these braces is the friction of the braces with the tongue as it takes a little bit of your time to adjust your tongue with these braces, which don’t collide often. Due to this friction problem, many people don’t find them comfortable and avoid using these braces and may go for ceramic braces or traditional metal braces.

Traditional Metal braces:

Traditional metal braces are much costlier than lingual braces. These braces are placed on the front side of the teeth and due to that, they are visible to everyone when the child speaks or smiles. If a child is concerned about their looks, then these braces are not their cup of tea. They must go for the ceramic braces of teeth color.

Clear Ceramic Braces:

Ceramic braces same as traditional metal braces that are placed on the front side of the teeth. But the only thing is it has clear or natural teeth color. Therefore, ceramic braces are less noticeable in public. The prices of these braces are the highest and they are fragile which helps their users comfortably wear them. They get stained very fast, and they break even faster.

Frequently Asked questions

Some questions and answers are given here that can help you.

Which types of braces one can use?

Which types of braces one can use

If you have dental issues that are related to your teeth and affect your smile, then you can be thinking about using the braces. Braces can help you to make your smile healthy as well as beautiful. However, if you or your child or any family member needs braces for their teeth, then first they have to consult with dentists and know about the different types of braces like ceramic braces, traditional metal braces, and lingual braces, and others. However, for different age groups dentists suggest different braces, but sometimes it also depends on the condition of the teeth.

The bottom line

Now, you see that if someone needs to have braces then which type of braces they can use for their teeth. But for this, it is important that they have knowledge about the braces and which one is the best for them.

However, if kids need braces then it is good to start their treatment as soon as possible because they are in their growing years and they will recover properly and their teeth will catch the right direction as well. But always make sure first consult with dentists, know about the benefits and side effects, and how to care for teeth while braces are done.

I need a place to stay but I have no money

Everyone wants that they live a better life with peace, but for everyone, it is not possible. Many people face problems in their life because of money or because they have no money. Even many people are present in the society, who don’t have money to stay at any place and they spend their nights in the streets and on the roads, which is too much unsafe.

But in this article, you will get all the ways that can help you to make money, so that you can get help to earn food and fulfill your basic requirements. You will find many ways that will help you to get free food and many other things. So, you can read and continue and get help to fulfill your requirements in various ways and without any problem. Not only this, but you will also see how you can get everything for free.

How to meet with day to day requirements while you have no money

One of the most basic need and requirement of everyone is to find out a perfect Shelter and the perfect place of shelter that help you to escape from all the disturbing elements.

There are a large number of ways available in the market to meet that need without spending money on rent or other utilities.

You can Seek Shelter in a Community Sharing house

Eco-village is one of the examples that help people to seek shelters in commenting sharing houses to live in. Here are the communities that usually offer substantial living to the people. They provide various ways of surviving, where you have an option to choose but most people choose to go without using any money.

Therefore, this is the primary method that is used to get shelter and meet day-to-day needs. Here, you will find that hundreds of these types of villages are scattered across the globe. Every person is depending on each other, the mother nature includes one more thing which is the surrounding environment to complete their needs.

You can offer to work for getting an accessible lodge

This is a place where you can seek out work in exchange for free lodging. This is the primary example that fits your need to find a suitable place to stay including how can you live without having any money but by doing some work in exchange you can get that. Worldwide many places offer these types of accommodations just in exchange for the work that people do for them.

You can head out into the Wild

To get rid of the society for some time camping is the best way. When the weather is perfect, camping out underneath all the stars is considered the best way to relax as we can crash for the night. To get closer to mother nature and to get away from a society that is only controlled by money camping is surely good.

You can build an Earth ship or go Couch surfing for yourself

You may not be familiar with or even heard of the word Earth ship. Earth ship is a new term and that means a way to build something in which you can be able to live without making any monthly payments.

Not making any monthly payments is a great way to get a good shelter and this will help you in finding out a large number of ways that you can use clean water and get solar energy. You can build all kinds of supplies that can range from the collection of beer bottles and cans to a collection of car tires and even the earth.

However, the collection of supplies requires some money upfront. Couch surfing is another way of finding good lodging while you can meet some incredibly hospitable people in this process.

There are a large number of people available in the world who will provide you with a spare couch, or will also provide you with a spare bedroom for a certain period. Therefore, this method is good for getting things without making any monthly payments.

Many people will provide you with a meal and the traveling information that you may need whenever you want by simply visiting their place. This method may prove to be a stretching period for people and take them away from their comfort zones.

You can even barter all your things for everything 

In our surroundings, there are a large number of people present who want to live in a society but don’t want to use the money for this. So, they are relying on the barter system. To fulfill their day-to-day necessities these people rely on the bartering system. The barter system includes food supplies, modes of transportation, and many other things of necessities as per their own choices. If you are also one of them who need a place to live or stay but have no money with you then must go through this post till the end.

Therefore, this is one of the best ways to ensure that nothing is wasted on our earth and that people can afford what they need even without money.

This is just an awesome way in today’s time that you can use to save money. For example, you can also barter the internet services with your neighbors for free at home.

Here you can also do all of your travelings for Free

Hitchhiking is one of the free public transportation platforms. Here you can do all your traveling for free. Worldwide most people thought that hitchhiking is wrong, but this is one of the best methods to reach anywhere for free.

Most importantly, you should keep in mind that your appearance matters the most here, and this platform will tell you how quickly you will get to be picked. Besides this, there are around 100 cities worldwide that will offer you free public transportation to travel where you need to go.

You can repair all the things for free

You can repair all types of things for free instead of throwing them away when they get torn or broken if you want to save money you should always make it a habit to find the best possible way to fix it and then you can reuse them. You should always try to find new ways to repair them for free instead of getting new things. You can search the ways of repairing on the internet, especially on YouTube as it consists of a large variety of videos depending on the stuff. You may also find out the required tools and the supplies to fix them for money saving.

Frequently Asked Questions

How one can make money to have food?

How one can make money to have food

You see that one can do various small tasks to earn money like wash cars, or can do various handyman tasks. Along with this, one can make money by repairing some things, selling old things (if you have them), and in various ways, you can make money and have food. However, it is also possible that you will get free food when you do some work.

Some faqs are given here to help people who want solutions to their queries.


If you need a place to live but did not have enough money then you don’t need to worry about anything. Hopefully, you get all information on how you can handle the situation when you have no money. You will get help for having food, clothes, and for other basic things. You can do various tasks in your daily life to earn some money and live your life with a little bit of peace.

However, if you have skills then you can use some social accounts and share some amazing videos and posts so that your followers will increase and you can earn money from them.

What is the section 504 home repair program? How you can get

Everything needs some care and maintenance from time to time to work for the long last. The same house also needs repair and maintenance from time to time. But lots of people are not in the condition that they can afford the money to repair their house. As they are low-income it is hard for them to handle the expenditures of their daily life, then how they can handle the unexpected repair cost of the house. And the home repair service is the most important because as it gives safety then it also is dangerous for the people who live in the house.

But the government understands the situation of those people and also understands how much the repair is important for the house. That’s why the government comes with a program that can help needy people to repair their homes. They offer the section 504 home repair program.

This program works as the savior for those people. In America, there are lots of low-income familiesFF, who come from the rural area as well as who have an annual income of 50% less than the average income of that area. The section 504 home repair program is a government-backed loan and grant scheme.

This program is too much helpful for people who don’t afford it. So, if you need help with your home repair, then you can read continue and get help from this scheme.

How to apply?

Anyone who needs to repair their home and wants to get help for this can visit their local rural development office or service center. Even you can also visit their website where you find the service center locator as well.

But, you have to keep one thing remember if you are going to apply for a loan then before this, you have to take advice from any financial adviser. So he can suggest to you the right way to apply for the loan as well as how much amount you have to apply for the loan. To know better about this program, and apply for this, you must check the eligibility criteria first, so you can proceed further without any issues.

Qualifications to apply for the scheme

The section 504 home repair program is the one that helps the homeowners who are low-income and did not afford the maintenance or repair of the house. The best thing about this program is that it helps only the homeowners who are real so that others did not take advantage of this program.

However, here are the eligibility criteria to fulfill to get help from this program, these are:

  • The applicant must be a resident of the U.S.
  • The applicant comes from a rural area.
  • The applicant cannot take a loan from any other lenders.
  • IF the applicant needs the grant then he must be more than 62 years.
  • The applicant must be the legal owner of the house and is going to take the loan.
  • The applicant’s income must be less than the income of the area’s average income.

Apart from all these points, the loan amount that is given to the applicant is decided on the different factors including financial situation, the owner’s other insurance, and checking their monthly debts.

Thus, if you want to get help in form of a loan or grant, under section 504 home repair program, then you must have to meet with above-mentioned criteria.

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What does the program do?

The section 504 home repair program is also known as the single-family home loan and grant. This program is managed and designed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

This scheme is for those people who are elder, low-income, did not meet their daily needs, have to face lots of financial problems in their life, and also don’t have money to repair their homes. Those people can apply for this scheme without any issue. However, according to USDA’s rural development department, only those outside metro cities can apply for the scheme with specific terms.

According to data, it founds that in rural areas, there are a large number of substandard homes. In that situation, the section 504 home repair program provides too much help to those people to amenities needed to live. Even disabled homeowners also get help from this scheme.

This scheme is designed to modernize and repair single-family homes that cannot access regular loans just because of their low income. This scheme helps with regular fixtures including insulation or water systems. Along with this, this program allows homes with mobility issues to reduce the imminent danger of health hazards.

The basic purpose of this scheme is to make you survive, by providing help. However, to know more about this you have to read continue, so you will understand this scheme in a better way.

Loans under section 504 home repair service:

If someone needs to repair their home and for this, they want to take the loan, then they can take the loan for the maximum amount of $20,000, under section 504 home repair service. For this, the interest is charged as fixed 1% with the repayment period fixed at 20 years.

Apart from this, if someone takes the loan amount of $7,500 or more then they need the full title service.

Grants under section 504 home repair service:

IF you need a grant under section 504 home repair service, then you can get it only for $7,500. However, you can take the combined amount up to $27,500. But there is one very important thing that the grant receiver has to note if they receive a grant but within 3 years they want to sell their house, then they have to repay the whole amount.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can disabled people apply for the section 504 home repair program?

Can disabled people apply for the section 504 home repair program

IF there is any disabled person who has his own house or homeowner, and needs to repair his home but did not afford the expenditure then he will get help from this program for sure.

Who can apply for the section 504 home repair program?

Who can apply for the section 504 home repair program

People who are low-income, disabled, or did not afford the home repair cost can apply for the scheme. Along with this, this scheme is to help those people who come from rural areas.


Now, you see that section 504 home repair program is helpful for people who don’t afford the cost of repairing their house. As this scheme’s motto is to make people survive that’s why helps people by providing loans and grants, under this scheme. One can also visit its website to know more about this.

Government free car grants for college students

How to get free cars for college students for low-income families-College life is too special for every teenager, mostly when they are entering this life. They always think that they have their car to go to their colleagues so that they will give the best impression on others on their first day and reach college on time.

But for every student, it is not possible, because they did not afford to buy a car on their own. Car is too essential for students so that they did not face problems in their college and always reach on time. However, college students always show off among their friends and girls, so they are always considering the best.

Although, some students need a car because their college is far away from their residence. Let’s read how college students can get a free car.

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Free cars for students from charity

Nothing is free to begin transportation. If you are a student and you want to get a free car you have should a good performance in your academics. Then you don’t need to be worried about getting a car. The proper transportation system aid the student to balance between school & tuition classes. The transportation system helps you save the money you spent at the bus stop or on a cab. Everyone has no financial muscle to purchase a new car to drive. Only some rich people can purchase a new car with their own money.

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Whether you are a student or evaluating vehicle choices for your college-going child, always keep these factors in mind. It is one of the best enroll of those car programs immediately. It helps you can save precious time, especially when you live in a less accessible area that has no transportation system. Here everything contributes to the overall cost of car ownership and varies. Significantly from model to model. They help those students who need free cars but cannot purchase them because of their financial instability. Many banks offer many loans to college students to buy their first car. It is great you can get a loan it makes your work easy.

When you have your own you can reduce tiredness and provide a comfortable journey for the students. Because when you wait for public transport it takes more time and you waste more energy it affects your study. Many students are capable to purchase take a new car but they do have not to pay the whole payment at one time. So they can go for buy and car dealership provide pay later option near you to buy it. Many college students do not worry about not having a car. A car is a perfect vehicle for students. Because you can save more time and money if you have a car.

And you are good in your study and other performance in your academic it is more beneficial for you. If anyone gets a car then the student doesn’t get affected by it. It is expected that some students don’t have a great deal of cash. For that reason, you would like to present cars for low-income family students.

An automobile is a necessity for students especially those who have performed other jobs during studies, like a part-time job and anything else. In that case, an automobile is the best choice for the students. Because they understand how it is challenging for you it is taking care of your studies, jobs, and other work which students do. For that reason, low-income family college students must have a car. There are millions of college students who live far from campus.

Those students who live far from campus face more challenges to reach college on time. It is because of long and tiring daily routes through public transport vehicles. Then several companies have launched a simple auto loan program to help college students get their desired car on their hands.

If you have a car then your study and other programs won’t be affected due to extreme weather conditions if have a particular vehicle. You don’t have to waste time waiting in a queue for public transport. You can easily escape all such circumstances if you have a car. Your vehicle helps you to go to college & manage part-time job locations. You can easily save your time and money if have a car. And also do any other work during study easily.

Criteria to Get a free car to students

Many organizations provide a Free Car Program for students. But there are the criteria and accessibility to get free cars for students from the government or charity?  You can pay attention to the below part for understanding.

Here the government decides the scholarship amount. As per, Recognition & New rules every college student can apply for a scholarship. And they evaluate your performance to discover whether you are good at average or poor at academics.

According to the principles, the authorities will decide how much scholarship amount you should get. They have also assessed your academic performance

And according to your grades, the government provides you with a free car for a charity and a scholarship. Your academic performance helps you get a free car from the charity and a scholarship under the Free Vehicle for college Student Grant.

Get free cars for students from NPO

If you are a student there is the best opportunity for you. You can get free cars from NPO. Many organizations provide a scholarship program that helps college students with education. Many car companies have already launched the Student Free Car Program where companies offer automobiles to a student with very low interest or zero interest rates. And companies also help them to pay hostel fees, car for transportation, and fund for the project.

This NPO helps you in many ways. They approve your application even if you have a bad credit history or Bank account, as you have already discussed above.  In this case, you have contacted these companies and also explain why you have to need a free car. And why they should donate an accessible vehicle for you.

In return, they also check a few things personally like your credit history and your academic performance. But these companies provide you with many services which help you better your education.

What is the eligibility to get a free car for students?

Many organizations provide a Free Car program for students. But students who want to apply for a free car are suggested to check the eligibility criteria before using a free car.

  • The student should have a valid license to drive a car.
  • The student should be 18 or above 18 to get a free car.
  • The student must have a good study record to get a free car scholarship.

Thus, the free car program for college students helps a lot and should be promoted more. You can contact me for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions and answers mentioned that can help you to solve your queries.

Can students apply for the free car program?

Can students apply for the free car program

If you are a college-going student and face many problems because of transportation, but can also not afford a car because of your low-income family status, then you can look for the Student’s free car program that is run by the government, charity, and non-profit organizations. One just needs to apply for it and meet with requirements to have a free car.


Now, you see that if you are a low-income college student then you can get help with a free car. College students can get a free car from charity, government, and assistance as well. They need to check for the free car programs for college students and apply for them. So they can get a free car from thereby applying for it.

How to get free cars from the Government [Application form]

How to Get free cars from the Government – Lots of families have to face lots of problems just because they don’t afford a car. Even because of this they did not do their lots of work on time and faced more difficulties. But the government understands the importance of a vehicle in a person’s life. That’s why various government programs are organized to help low-income families and individuals and provide them with free cars.

When someone meets the eligibility criteria then they can apply for the government free car program and can get a free car from the organization with that they apply. If you also need a free car then you can read this article and continue and get all the related information.

Who can get Government free cars ?

Free cars for low-income families are available through a variety of national and state-based organizations and initiatives. However, in some cases, free automobile repair programs are also available for families who are in need. Undoubtedly, an automobile is an essential part of most people. They use it as the mode of transportation for their different work like taking and dropping off children at their school, shopping, visiting the hospital, and for doing lots of other work in their day-to-day life.

For most individuals, a car is the best mode of transportation rather than picking a public transport to meet their schedule. Although to get benefit from the free automobile program for low-income families, one has to meet lots of requirements that are given by them. That’s why before applying for any free car program the applicant has to check for the eligibility criteria.

Eligibility to get free cars from the government’s-car assistance program:

Lots of people are wondering how they can get free fare and who are the candidates who get the free fare. You can read continue and look below to get info:


Students who have to travel a long distance for reaching their studies or educational place can apply for free cars. Every government recognizes that kids or students are the future of the nation. That’s why the government ensures that students will get all the amenities that they need for their education including free cars for college students.

Army men or family:

If you have ever served in the army or any of your family members are in the army then you can mention it in your application form, and can enhance your chances of receiving the Car for veterans. As a token of their gratitude for their service, the government offers precedence to military families.

Single mothers:

If you are a single mother then you can apply for free cars for single moms from the government. The government is always ready to help single mothers because they have to handle all the financial expenditures independently.

Low-income families:

If you come from a low-income family, then you can apply for a free car from the government. It is because the government provides the accessibility to low-income families to have a free car so that they can manage their life and utilize the car to make their life a little better and create better possibilities.

Working poor:

It refers to those people who are working but get paid a very little amount. But to get a good job, you can request to the government for a free automobile to hunt a good job for you.

Domestic violence victim:

If you are a victim of domestic violence victim then you are eligible for the government-provided automobile. However, if there is no financial restitution for the wrong you did in the past, then this car may be helpful for you as assistance.

However, if you a disabled or in your family someone is disabled then you can apply for a free car as well from the government.

Natural Disaster Survivor:

If you are a natural disaster survivor then you can use this point to get a free automobile from the government.

IF you have done anything of National Importance:

If you do any work or represented the country in any international event, then you can request a free car or automobile from the government.

What’s the procedure for getting a free car?

When you need a free car because of your job necessity or for any other reason, then you should have to contact your local service offices to acquire a free automobile from the government. The government offers help with a free cars to disabled people, single mothers, low-income households, and other needy people.

However, if you fulfill the requirements to have a free car from the government then you have to fill out the application form for the next step. When you fill out the application, then you have needed to answer the question “why do you need the car?” and according to your profile, you will get votes.

You have to keep one thing in your mind the government’s vehicle assistance program differs from state to state. That’s why first you have to visit your local government office, and then ask the officials about the automobile details. The automobile details like automobile grant, deadline, eligibility criteria, application procedure, and other important details.

After that, the officials check all the applications that come for the need for cars, trucks, and other vehicles. If they found that you fulfill the criteria and are eligible then you will get your free car from them.

Once you are eligible for the free car, then you have to ensure that you will operate the vehicle after receiving low-income grant assistance. It is important to understand this, and you can also compute it efficiently.

You just do the only thing that you have to deduct several monthly expenses like rent, utility bills, food, and other charges from your monthly income. It is because, by doing this, you will know that you are ready to handle some extra expenses or not such as title cost, insurance, and vehicle registration. So, you will utilize your free car for your job or other work without any issue.

How can I apply for a grant for free automobiles for low-income families?

A complete procedure is given below for applying for accessible automobiles for low-income families. However, it may be possible that you have to show the required documents and also review them before the paperwork for the vehicle.

  • First, you have to look for the most excellent auto help package.
  • Then complete the application form with all information.
  • Finally, give time for approval.

You just have to complete all the given tasks. The rest all depends on the organization with that you apply for a free car, including their regulations, the availability of automobiles, and a few other considerations. Among all these things or processes, you just need to wait for the result.

Application for to apply cars for free:

As you read that all the criteria are given for qualifying for the free car from the government. Also, one can fill out the application form by visiting their local government office. Even if it is not possible for you, then issue, because you can fill out the application form online as well. But it is recommended to you that before continuing you have to read all the guidelines that are generated by the government for the free car from the government. So, later you did not have any issue qualifying for a free car.

Frequently Asked questions

Several questions and answers are given below related to how to get free cars from the government.

How one can qualify for a free car from the government?

If someone needs the free car then they have to first check the eligibility criteria for this. After that, they are to collect all the documents and information that they have to attach with the application form, and then submit the form. But make sure that one can check for the guidelines properly before submitting the form.

Can anyone apply for a free car from the government?

The government provides free cars to several people who fulfill the eligibility criteria as well as who are needy. People who can apply for free cars from the government are single moms, disabled people, senior citizens, low-income individuals, students, unemployed people, veterans, and lots of other needy people.

Final words

If you need a free car then you have to apply for it with the government’s free car assistance for low-income families. However, for this, you have needed to check all the eligibility requirements of the free car for low-income families program and after that proceed. You can apply for a free car from the government by filling out online forms. As well as you can visit your local government office and fill application form there. But you have to make sure that you fill in all the information correctly and updated, along with the required documents. So that you can enhance your chances to get a free car from the government.

Free Laptop from the government- How to apply & get one?

How to get Free Laptop from the government – In today’s time, everything is happening online which means one can do any work online and from their home. But for this, they need a laptop, computer, or tablet with an internet connection so that they can connect with the world and can do their work from anywhere.

As the laptop or computer is necessary for doing any kind of work online, it is also true that it is not affordable for everyone. One has to face lots of problems regarding the lack of the device. IT is because their income is low and they cannot afford to buy this.

But the government and other organizations understand the importance of the laptop and also know how much it is useful for students for their education. That’s why those government and non-profit organizations come forward to help those students and other low-income individuals and provide them with free laptops or computers.

Here are lots of ways are given that can help a person to apply for a free laptop. Even some eligibility requirements are also given that are basic and required by every organization or program. So, read continue and get information about them.

Top 25 ways to get a free laptop from the government

When a person needs a free laptop then they look for different places, however, it is not easy to find a place where you can apply for a free laptop. But yes, filling out an application form for a free laptop is much easier than other things. You can look for places with and find lots of assistance programs that can help you.

To qualify for the free laptop program, you must need to fulfill the criteria. One of them is the applicant must be a resident of the United States of America. Read further and know about the criteria as well as places from where you can get help.

Check your eligibility to get the free laptop from the local authorities and Government for Students and Low-income families

Before applying for any government grant one needs to look for the eligibility requirements. For example, if you apply for such government grants like:

If you want to apply for these types of grants or other grants then first you have to check their eligibility requirements. Some basic eligibility requirements are given below:

  • The applicant must have their valid id proof.
  • The applicant must be a US citizen.
  • The applicant must have valid address proof.
  • The most important thing the applicant must have is to show their income proof by their tax slip, salary proof, or any other income-related proof.

When you fill out and submit the application the authorities check for the details that you fill in the form. And if they found that you are eligible then they will send you a laptop or a PC for free that is mentioned in the application. Everyone knows that a laptop is too much helpful for a person, that’s why it comes in very handy for everyone for doing different works. Even though the laptop is too much helpful that’s why most people work from home.

Below, you can see that various government and other ways are available that can help you to get a free laptop or a PC. These are:


This is the one program that is currently working in more than 45 states of the US. They provide user-friendly ways to get a free laptop, PC, or tablet. If your income is less than $35,000 then you can apply for a free laptop with Everyoneon.

However, they also refurbish the old laptops and PCs and then provide them to other people who need them.

The FreeCycle Network

Freecycle is the program that offers an online portal to apply for assistance and then you can get a free laptop, personal computer, or another same device from the government grants. They work as a non-profit and offer recycled things to others. As they recycle various things so that needy people can use them.

You can visit their website and fill out the application form for a free laptop. They will send you a refurbished and recycled laptop. You can check for Freecycle Network and their services as well. You can find all information on their website.

With Causes

With Causes is one more organization that provides free laptops and PCs to applicants. But they also provide refurbished and recycled devices.

Visit Smartriverside

Smartriverside is working with government support. It provides the best schemes so you can apply for them easily, as it offers free laptops, PC, and tablets. They are working in almost every state of the US and provide their services by working with non-government and non-profit organizations.

But you have to make sure that you check the eligibility criteria before applying for the program. You can fill out the application from their online portal and receive a free device from them if you are eligible.

Microsoft Refurbishers

Microsoft offers lots of donations and they all are well-known. They participate in all such programs and schemes that help others who are needy. They provide refurbished computers and laptops to low-income students and individuals.

The On It Foundation

If someone comes from a low-income group in Florida then they are eligible to have a free laptop from the On It Foundation as this is Florida-based. They are working with businesses, educational institutions, local computer centers, and others for a technological boost in the local area. To know more about the On It Foundation you can click here.

Computer Technology Assistance Corps

This is the organization that is also known as CTAC. This works with the collaboration of Microsoft and the government. Its motto is to provide financial assistance to people who need free laptops and tablets. One can visit the CTAC  website to know about them.

PCs for People

This one is commonly known as PCP. This is a non-profit organization that distributes and offers people to get a free laptops. Even though they are strict but support a good cause. You can check their eligibility criteria and apply for a free laptop. If your income bracket is low or has someone in your family with a disability then you are eligible for a free laptop from them.

However, if you are a social worker or work for an organization in the social welfare sector then you are eligible and fill out the application form.


This is the program that connects deserving individuals and families and provides them free desktops and laptops if they are from the Seattle region. They have laptops and computers of high and well-known brands on their online store. Those brands include Dell, Lenovo, Apple, HP, Toshiba, and others. They provide the laptop for people at a very low price and also sometimes for free of cost.

World Computer Exchange

World computer exchange is a great program that offers free laptops and computers. They are working with libraries, local schools, and educational institutes, and also support needy and low-income group individuals. They provide them with free refurbished laptops that are eligible. is the one that aims to empower the people and help them with their education by providing free computers and laptops. They provide refurbished computers to needy students. Along with this, they offer free deals on broadband and the internet. As this is a national organization it offers help to every needy person.

This is the online portal that works for helping students who are from the 5th standard to a graduate degree. For eligible for their free laptop program, one has to do community services for a minimum of ten hours. One has to fulfill the criteria and if have financial problems then can visit their official website.

Computers for Learning

This is the organization that collects used computers from the federal government. They refurbish the laptops and then distribute them to students. For those units, where only a few components are found useful, they send them to the organization that supports humankind, who are determined to create a better world. You can visit their official site to know more about them.

Laptop loans from Accelerated Schools Program

The accelerated School Program provides options for applicants to get free laptops under those different programs that are run by the government. When you will borrow a computer/laptop from them then you will have to deposit $100 USD, and when you will return the laptop then you will receive your $100 back.

Under this program, those people whose income is low and they cannot afford a laptop, are getting help to buy a laptop/computer. With the help of this program, they can get help to get a better education.


Goodwill is the one that offers used and refurbished laptops and computers to needy people at the lowest and most affordable prices.

Get a free laptop from Craigslist?

Craigslist is an American classified advertisements website. You can search for some free stuff with this as well including laptop, computer, and other things. Sometimes you find deals that are nothing which means you can buy a product at very low prices. However, some people offer freebies as well to help needy people.

Salvation Army

Salvation Army is a non-profit organization that is working for enriching and empower people. They are committed to offering help to needy people and low-income families and individuals. Whether it is a laptop, computer, food, clothes, or any other things they always serve them. So, you can connect with them to get help from them. You can share your story and required documents and then their team will help you for sure.

Try United Way

United Way is a non-profit organization that is known by all. This organization helps people in every possible way and is committed to helping people. One can visit and can apply for the assistance that they need. One can apply for a free laptop as well with them. One of their application is by 2-1-1 name.

St. Vincent De Paul

St. Vincent De Paul is a well-known organization that helps people in every aspect and any situation. This organization provides help whether they come from any background. They offer them food, clothes, electronic items, and other things that they need. In this way, they try to bring light and joy in every possible and help people. You can visit their official website and look for the assistance and apply that you need.

The Open Education Database

This organization is working specially for students and provides them with free laptops. The laptops that are provided by them are not just free but it is a kind of assistance. However, the fees will be added to college fees.

Free laptop for college students

For students, the laptop is essential for their studies. It is because in America students have to give presentations and assignments by laptop, as e-learning is the new trend now. But it’s also true that every student cannot afford the laptop themselves. That’s why government and some other organizations come forward to help the students by providing them with free laptops. They run various programs and have lots of schemes and policies that support students.

NoteBook for College Students

This is a great and beautiful initiative that is run by the professors of Los Angeles. They aim to help the students and enhance their skills so that they can achieve their goals. That’s why they provide free laptops and computers to students. They are working with refurbishing computer centers. One can contact them by visiting their website.

Technology for the Future

This is a non-profit based out of northern California. However, this organization offers tech solutions to people whether they are from USA or Canada. Its motto is to help students who need a laptop for their education. So that they don’t face problems in their study. Although, free laptops and computers they provide to those students who are deserving and need them for their education.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions and answers are given below that can help you.

Can government organizations offer help with the free laptop?

Yes, you will get help from different government organizations. You can see that various government organizations offer help to people and students who need free laptops, computers, and tablets. They offer refurbished and recycled laptops to students for free.

From where one can get help with the free laptop?

There are lots of government and non-profit organizations available that are ready to help people by providing them assistance. They offer help to needy people and low-income individuals with food, clothes, furniture, and laptops as well. They provide help to only those people who are needy.


Now, you see that there is numerous organization that is government, non-government, and non-profit. One can apply to any of the organizations for a free laptop and get it from them. But before applying for the free laptop one needs to check their requirements as well as their eligibility criteria. So that if you meet them then you can apply for a free laptop and get it soon.