Your company loses money if it lacks diversity.

Businesses can no longer afford to not have cutting edge diversity programs.

Decrease turnover rate

Women leave the tech industry at a 45% higher rate than men due to bias

Lower hiring, retention & legal costs

US companies lose more than $64 billion a year due to failed diversity management

Recover lost profits

Companies with at least 30% female executives add at least 6% to net profit margin

Why Lead?

Lead connects like-minded people, helps them succeed in your company and provides
detailed reports to overcome unconscious bias. It helps your business grow.

This social platform is going to make
a difference in the hiring and
promotion process.

Lead uses artificial intelligence to help
women connect for networking
and mentorship.


Personalized professional content feed

The Lead platform automatically brings materials for professional development to employees. Our algorithm selects the right content individually for everyone based on their background and interests.

Lead also provides a platform for professional discussion. It helps users grow in their area of expertise and find like-minded colleagues who could help them succeed in their career.

  • Personalized content based on user's background
  • User- moderated professional discussion
  • Connecting with professionals with relevant experience

Successful mentorship via matching with like-minded professionals

Lead uses a machine learning algorithm to match mentors and mentees with relevant experience and personality traits. It provides users with the tools for efficient mentoring and a flexible mentor rating system.

Additionally, the platform gives insights for companies about how successful their internal mentorship program is.

  • AI-powered algorithm finding mentors that are the best fit
  • Powerful and flexible mentor rating system
  • Corporate mentorship efficiency reports
Questions and Answers

Questions and answers, publicly and privately

Whether complex professional questions, or more personal questions, the platform helps users get answers from people with relevant experience.

Users are also able to ask anonymously.

  • Ability to ask questions and give answers anonymously
  • Showing users relevant questions based on their experience

How does Lead help companies?

Lead delivers detailed diversity reports, mentorship programs,
unconscious bias analytics and more.

Lead Dashboard

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